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The Colonial families of Maryland were the leading families in the Province of Maryland. Several also had interests in the Colony of Virginia, and the two are sometimes referred to as the Chesapeake Colonies. Many of the early settlers came from the West Midlands in England, although the Maryland families were composed of a variety of European nationalities, e.g. French, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Swedish, in addition to English.

Maryland was uniquely created as a colony for Catholic aristocracy and gentry, but Anglicanism eventually came to dominate, partly through influence from neighboring Virginia.

Charles I of England granted the province palatinate status under Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore. The foundational charter created an aristocracy of lords of the manor for Maryland.

The first areas of colonization were on the Patuxent River and up along the Chesapeake Bay near and around current St. Mary's and Charles counties.

Founders and scions[edit]

Francis Billingsley John Billingsley

Bowie family[1]
Brent family
Brice family
Brooke family
Burgess Family
Calvert family, Lords Baltimore
Carroll family
Causey family
Chase family
Clarke family
Contee family
Compton family
Crossland family
Darnall family
Digges family
Dorsey family
Dulany family
Duvall family
Eden baronets
Fairfax family
Fendall family
Greenberry Family
Greene family
Griffith family
Hammond Family
Hanson family
Hatton Family
  • Thomas Hatton, MD Secretary, killed in action at the Battle of the Severn
Hollis family
Howard family
Jenifer family
Lee family
Lloyd family
Mason family
Ogle family
Paca family
Peale family
Riggin family
Rodgers family
Sewall family
Skirvin/Skirven family
Three brothers as follows
  • George Skirvin/Skirven (Judge, Chestertown, Kent Co., Skirvin's Neglect)
  • Francis Skirvin/Skirven (Planter, Ordinary owner, Annapolis)
  • William Skirvin/Skirven (Physician, Queen Anne's Co.)
Smallwood family
Sparrow family
Steuart family
Stone family
Tasker family
Vallette family
Warfield Family
Worland Family
Worthington Family
  • Capt.John Worthington, the Founder; tombstone transferred to St. Anne's, Church Circle, Annapolis

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