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Color is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, yellow, blue, etc.

Color or colour may also refer to:


  • Color vision, the ability of an organism or machine to distinguish objects based on light wavelength
  • Color charge, in particle physics, a property of quarks and gluons
  • Color index, in astronomy, a simple numerical expression that determines the color of an object
  • Primary color, a color belonging to a set of three that can be combined to make a gamut of colors
  • Colorimetry, the mathematical science of the measurement and perception of color
  • Color temperature, the temperature of a radiating black body corresponding to a given color of light
  • Colors of noise, the descriptions of noises based on the shape of their spectral densities
  • Biological pigment, colored substances in living organisms
  • Pigment, solid colored particles, used in paints
  • Dye, a colored substance that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is being applied

Skin color, ethnicity, or race[edit]

Insignia and groups[edit]

Visual art[edit]

  • Color (software), a color-grading application for Apple's Final Cut Studio video production suite
  • Color photography
  • Color theory, the art of color mixing and the visual impact of color combinations
  • Color, in typography, the overall density and balance between white space and print in a page layout
  • Color wheel or color circle, a logical arrangement of colors around a circle for artistic or scientific purposes

Film and television[edit]



  • Tone color, or timbre
  • Color, in medieval music theory, a sequence of repeated notes in the cantus firmus tenor of a composition, in isorhythm
  • Coloration, in medieval music theory, a technique of marking notes, in mensural notation
  • Colours of Ostrava, a Czech music festival




Video games[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Color (law) (or color of law), a legal term meaning "pretense or appearance of" some right
  • Color commentary, or color, in a sporting event broadcast, supplemental information offered between play-by-play calls
  • Colours (solitaire), a card game
  • Food coloring, any substance added to food to change its color
  • Color (finance), in mathematical finance, a characteristic of a derivative
  • iPod Color, a portable media player
  • Color Labs, a former social photo and video broadcasting smartphone application, also

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