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Color Bars
Studio album by Tokyo Jihen
Released January 18, 2012 (2012-01-18) (Japan)
Genre Pop, pop rock
Length 21:20
Label Toshiba EMI (Distributor)
Virgin Music[1] (Label)
Producer Uni Inoue, Tokyo Jihen
Tokyo Jihen chronology
Dai Hakken
(2011)Dai Hakken2011
Color Bars
Tokyo Collection
(2012)Tokyo Collection2012

Color Bars (カラーバー) is the sixth and final studio album by Japanese rock band Tokyo Jihen, released on January 18, 2012 in Japan through EMI Music Japan and Virgin Music. The album was produced by the band and Japanese recording engineer Uni Inoue.

The first press edition is a cardboard sleeve.[2]


The album's cover art is a combination of many "color bars", which is a representation of SMPTE color bars. They suggested the end of the band by it, since color bars fill the telescreen after all the TV programs for the day finish in Japan.

This mini album, intended to be the band's final studio release, includes one song written by each band member, including Toshiki Hata's first composition for the band and the first time Seiji Kameda wrote lyrics for his own song. In addition, the lead vocals on "Kai Horror Dust" and "Honto no Tokoro" were provided by the songs' respective composers, while Ringo Shiina played drums on the latter track. As in Dai Hakken, each song title is made up of seven characters.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "Kon'ya wa Karasawagi
(Official European language title: Beaucoup de Bruit pour Rien)"
Ringo Shiina Ringo Shiina 3:42
2. "Kai horādasuto (怪ホラーダスト, Mysterious Horror Dust)
( Official European language title: Horror Dust)"
Ichiyō Izawa Ichiyō Izawa 3:40
3. "Taimu Kapuseru (タイムカプセル, Time Capsule)
(Official European language title: Time Capsule)"
Seiji Kameda Ringo Shiina 4:17
4. "sa_i_ta (sa_i_ta, bloomed)
(Official European language title: sa_i_ta)"
Ukigumo Ukigumo & Ringo Shiina 5:29
5. "Honto no Tokoro (ほんとのところ, Actually)
(Official European language title: Honto no Tokoro)"
Toshiki Hata Toshiki Hata 4:12
Total length: 21:20

All the official European language titles according to Ringo Shiina's website.[3]

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Notes and references[edit]

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