Color a Dinosaur

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Color a Dinosaur
Box art
Developer(s)FarSight Studios[1]
Publisher(s)Virgin Games[2]
Designer(s)Jay Obernolte[3]
Joshua Conner Moon
Composer(s)Tommy Tallarico
Genre(s)Drawing and creativity[4]

Color a Dinosaur is a 1993 electronic coloring book video game for children. It was developed by FarSight Studios for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Player can select from a variety of colors.

The player colors various dinosaurs by using the provided dinosaur images and palettes. Players can either color using the free form mode or in the automatic mode where they choose only a color.[5]

Intended for ages 3 to 6, the game lacks sophisticated features such as animation and minigames, and the basic colors are either brightly colored patterns or limited variations on pink or red. An extra set of patterns can be reached by pressing the Select button.[6]

Tommy Tallarico created the music for this game.[7]


The September 1997 issue of Nintendo Power presented the votes of twelve staff members, to list their top 100 games of all time.[8] This list also includes a 10 worst games of all time, placing Color a Dinosaur at 10th.[9] The article described the game as Mario Paint "without anything fun in it" and that "even the producer of the game (Seth, wherever you are) would roll his eyes when reminded of this prehistoric patsy."[9]


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