Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration

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Department of Personnel and Administration
Department overview
Department executive
  • Kara Veitch, Executive Director

The Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration (DPA) is the principal department of the Colorado state government[1] responsible for statewide human resources and other support functions.[2]


DPA includes the:[2]

Division Description
Division of Central Services (DCS)
  • Maintains the Colorado State Capitol complex.[3]
  • Administers the Address Confidentiality Program, Integrated Document Solutions program, and State Fleet Management program.[3]
Division of Finance and Procurement (DFP)
  • Composed of Central Collection Services, the State Purchasing Office (PROCUREMENTColorado) and the COMPASS e-procurement system.[4]
Division of Human Resources (DHR)
  • Responsible for the oversight of all state agency human resources functions and total compensation including maintaining the statewide employment, job evaluation and pay systems.[5]
  • Responsible for the self-funded benefits system including health, life, dental and deferred compensation for eligible employees.[5]
  • Responsible for the state's business risk and loss control programs, including all property insurance, liability and worker's compensation.[5]
Office of the State Controller (OSC)
Division of Statewide Programs Colorado Office of Administrative Courts (OAC)
  • Colorado's centralized administrative court system, who's administrative law judges decides workers' compensation, human services, licensing, and a variety of other cases.[6]
Office of the State Architect (OSA)
  • Responsible for the administration of state funded capital construction projects, prioritization and recommendation of controlled maintenance project requests, setting code policy and compliance for all state-owned buildings, managing the emergency controlled maintenance fund, setting policy on energy management for existing and new facilities, and oversight for leasing and real estate transactions.[7]
  • The Department of Transportation and Department of Natural Resources have program oversight of their construction projects.[7]
Colorado State Archives
Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP)
Colorado State Personnel Board (SPB)
  • Makes rules governing the state personnel system and hears appeals by applicants and employees in the state personnel system.[8]


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