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Colorado Music Buzz Magazine
Editor Keith Schneider
Eric Fletcher
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Keith Schneider
First issue June 1, 2005
Company Colorado Music Buzz Inc LLC
Language English

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine is a United States-based magazine devoted to Colorado music, arts and entertainment that is published monthly across the Front Range of Colorado. Colorado Music Buzz Magazine was founded in Parker, Colorado in 2005 by Keith Schneider and Eric F. Fletcher. The magazine is known for its positive coverage of the Colorado music scene with a focus on the bands and artists who have reached a mid level of success and have a chance to break nationally.

Multi genre format[edit]

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine contains coverage of a wide range of genres including: acoustic music, alternative rock, blues, bluegrass music, classical, country music, electronica, folk music, hardcore punk, hip hop, heavy metal music, jazz, musical theatre, punk rock, reggae, rock music and ska.

Notable cover story subjects[edit]

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine in its 7-year history has showcased several notable local Colorado musicians as well as Colorado politicians. Bands such as: Devotchka Vol. 1 Issue 7, Flobots Vol. 2 Issue 4, The Fray Vol. 2 Issue 8, Tickle Me Pink, Vol. 3 Issue 1, Rose Hill Drive Vol. 3 Issue 3, Meese (band) Vol. 3 Issue 10, and politicians such as Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper Vol. 2 Issue 6 and Eric Dyce entertainment coordinator for Red Rocks Vol 2. Issue 2. Since 2012, the majority of the magazines feature and cover stories have been written by Managing Editors Jenn Cohen and Tim Wenger.

Celebrity contributors[edit]

In December 2008, Ahrue Luster of alternative metal band Ill Niño began his monthly column "Road Block". In March 2009, Nathen Maxwell of the Celtic punk band Flogging Molly started his monthly column "View From The Stage". In the summer of 2008, Doug Haywood formerly of the Jackson Browne band partially serialized his upcoming novel. Also Rich Ross of Modulus Guitars and Flea contributes a monthly column entitiled "Lessons from the Road". Uncle Nasty, formerly from KBPI and the DJs of KTNI-FM also contribute monthly columns. features their "Youth on Record" column monthly.

Notable interviews[edit]

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine has had several notable interviews with major musical artists in its pages including: Bill Stevenson of the punk bands Descendents and All and co-founder of The Blasting Room recording studio in Fort Collins Colorado: JR Swartz formerly of the nu metal band Motograter who is currently with Curiosity Kills: Ten-time Grammy Award-winning jazz and a cappella vocal performer Bobby McFerrin: Josh "JP" Paul bass player for the rock band Daughtry (band) of American Idol fame: Vocalist Ivan Moody of the metal band Five Finger Death Punch who is from Westminster, Colorado: and David Ellefson former bass player for the heavy metal band Megadeth and current bass player for F5 (band).

Interesting facts[edit]

Jesse Walker, bassist for the Flobots, was a contributing writer for Colorado Music Buzz Magazine up until the rigors of touring took over his time.

Contributing writer Eric Myers also writes for Spin.

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