Colorado River Indian Reservation

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A color map of a section of land near California, Arizona, and Nevada
The Colorado River Indian Reservation
The flag of the Colorado River tribes
Flag of the Reservation

The Colorado River Indian Reservation is a Native American reservation in the southwest United States. Its territory is primarily in western La Paz County, Arizona, with smaller portions in southeastern San Bernardino, and northeastern Riverside counties, California. It has a total land area of 432.22 square miles (1,119.4 km2), most of it within Parker Valley. It borders the Palo Verde Valley in the southwest boundaries. Tribal headquarters are in Parker, Arizona, the reservation's largest community.

Originally established for the Mohave and Chemehuevi peoples in 1863, Hopi and Navajo families were welcomed on to the reservation in the 1940s. Today the Colorado River Indian Tribes include members of the Chemehuevi, Mohave, Hopi and Navajo nations.


Established in March 1865 by treaty for the "Indians of said river and its tributaries," the Colorado River Indian Reservation straddles a part of the Arizona and California border. Members elect nine members to a tribal council, from which a president, secretary and treasurer are elected by the council.


Wheat fields along the Colorado River at the Colorado River Indian Reservation. Wheat, alfalfa and melons are among the most important crops here.

The reservation's economy is based on agriculture, recreation, light industry, and government. The Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) has senior water rights to 717,000 acre feet (884,000,000 m3) of the Colorado River, which represents nearly one-third of the allotment for the state of Arizona. The tribe has added tourism with its opening of BlueWater Resort and Casino on the river about 2 miles from downtown Parker.


View of the Colorado River and the marina and riverside facilities of the Bluewater Resort and Casino.
Entrance to the Bluewater Resort and Casino, in Parker, AZ.

The Colorado River Indian Reservation owns the BlueWater Resort and Casino northeast of Parker on the Arizona Colorado River bank, which opened in June 1999. The casino is 30,000 square feet (2,800 m2) and has more than 500 slot machines. The resort features a 200-room hotel, a 10,000 square feet (930 m2) bingo hall, an indoor water park, movie theater, video arcade, marina, and concert facilities.[1]


The 2000 census indicated a resident population of 9,201 persons on the reservation. Of this, 3,389 persons were enrolled tribal members from the Chemehuevi, Mohavi, Hopi and Navajo.


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