Colorado Springs Socialists

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Colorado Springs Socialists
HeadquartersColorado Springs, Co
NewspaperRocky Mountain Revolution
Political positionFar-left

Colorado Springs Socialists is a small organization located in the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.


The CSS was initially founded as a Marxist reading group in the Autumn of 2016, before developing into a formal political organization in 2017. By late 2018, the group exceeded 100 members[citation needed], operating on two university campuses and in the city of Pueblo, Colorado.[1]


The CSS is a bunch of kids that hold that position that capitalism must be abolished and replaced with a socialist based political and economic structure. The organization takes a non-tendency position on Marxism and Socialism, accepting Democratic Socialists, Anarchists, Libertarian socialists, Left Communists, Maoists, Marxist-Leninists and Trotskyists.[2]

Police Infiltration and Arrests[edit]

On March 2017, four members of the CSS were arrested during "March Against Imperialism" protest in downtown Colorado Springs, on charges of obstructing traffic ways, a misdemeanor crime in Colorado. [3][4] [5] The CSS referred to these arrests as the "Trial of the Socialist Six", alleging The Colorado Springs Police Department took part in outrageous conduct, endangering of protesters,[6] and frequently participating in arbitrary arrests. [7] On August 2nd, 2017 Colorado Springs Independent writer Nat Stein uncovered body-camera footage of Colorado Springs officers discussing the infiltration of the organization. [8]The Colorado Springs Police Force placed two undercover officers, under the aliases of "Mark" and "Amy", into the CSS as part of a surveillance of the organization.[9]


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