Colorful Dragon

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Colorful Dragon
Developer(s) Sachen
Director(s) Rolland Cheng
  • Wun Zu-Tsie
  • Hau Yu-Tsao
  • Min Fa-Tyei
  • Chieh Che-Chao
Programmer(s) Rolland Cheng
Composer(s) Rolland Cheng
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre(s) Action game, maze game
Mode(s) Single-player, two player (competitive, cooperative)

Colorful Dragon (Chinese: 變色龍; pinyin: Biànsèlóng; literally: "Chameleon"), is a maze game developed and published by Sachen for the Nintendo Entertainment System on 1989 in Asia. Bunch Games later licensed the game for distribution in North America for a 1990 release, and published it as Tagin' Dragon.

Sachen republished Colorful Dragon in the multi-game cartridge Super Cartridge Version 6: 6-in-1.


In the game, the player controls a European dragon, and attempts to bite the tails off other European dragons. The longer a dragon's tail, the more bites required to defeat it. The game features 20 unique mazes.

Two players may play either competitively or cooperatively.

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