Colors of the Wind

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"Colors of the Wind"
Song by Judy Kuhn from the album Pocahontas: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Genre Film score
Length 3:34
Label Walt Disney
Composer(s) Alan Menken

"Colors of the Wind" is a song written by lyricist Stephen Schwartz and composer Alan Menken for Walt Disney Pictures' 33rd animated feature film Pocahontas (1995). The film's theme song, "Colors of the Wind" was originally recorded by American singer and actress Judy Kuhn in her role as the singing voice of Pocahontas. American recording artist Vanessa Williams' cover of the song was released as the lead single from the film's soundtrack on March 23, 1995. A pop ballad, produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Keith Thomas, the song's lyrics speak of respecting nature and living in harmony with the Earth's creatures.

"Colors of the Wind" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 68th Academy Awards in 1995, becoming composer Alan Menken's fourth win in the category. It also won the Golden Globe in the same category as well as the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Movie. The song poetically presents the Native American viewpoint that the earth is a living entity where humankind is connected to everything in nature.


The song demonstrates the difference in the Native American and European cultures, and serves as a plea from Pocahontas for the colonizers to care about the indigenous land and people.

The first two notes of Alan Menken's melody span a musical interval of a major sixth. Overall, the span of the melody reaches an eleventh. Because the melody spans a slightly larger range than some instruments, such as the Native American flute, can reach, alternative versions of the melody have been arranged that span a more modest interval.[1]

Described as a "stirring anthem to animism",[2] this song is Pocahontas' exhortation to Captain John Smith about the wonders of the earth and nature, including the spirit within all living things, encouraging him not to think of them as things he can conquer or own, but rather as beings to respect and live with in harmony. She also urges him to accept humans who are different in appearance and culture and to learn from them.

There is some debate over where the song begins within the narrative of the movie. The first part sung, when the music technically begins, has Pocahontas talking about how having experience with other races does not necessarily mean understanding them, and has her asking John Smith whether she is the savage between the two of them. As she sings this, she angrily shoves his gun into his hands, implying that that European attitude towards guns, violence, and racism is far more savage than the views that the Native Americans have. Pocahontas then tells John Smith that there is a lot about the Earth he doesn't know. At this point, it is considered that the song actually begins. The first line of the chorus tells of the wolf crying to the "blue corn moon", with the second line varying with the verse context. The phrase "blue corn moon" has no actual meaning in Native American folklore. It was made up by lyricist Stephen Schwartz because he liked the sound of it, being inspired by a Native American love poem that read "I will come to you in the moon of green corn".[3] The second time the chorus is sung in the single version, the second line becomes "Or let the eagle tell you where he's been" since the film version only has the one chorus already mentioned. The third line tells of singing with the voices of the mountains, as the fourth line concludes with the title imagery of painting with the colors of the wind.

Other languages[edit]

Language Performer(s) [4] Title Translation
Arabic جيهان الناصر (Gihan Elnaser) "ألوان الرياح" ("Alwan er-riyah") "Colors of the wind"
Brazilian Portuguese Kika Tristão (pt) (movie) and

Daniela Mercury (credits)

"Cores do vento" "Colors of the wind"
Canadian French Stéphanie Martin "Les couleurs du vent" "The colors of the wind"
Cantonese 李蕙敏 (Amanda Lee) (movie and credits) "風采依然" "Colors of the wind"
Castilian Spanish Gema Castaño (movie) and

Véronica Romero (credits)

"Colores en el viento" "Colors in the wind"
Czech Jana Durczaková "Barvy větru" "Colors of the wind"
Danish Susanne Elmark (da) (movie) and

Monique Spartalis (da) (credits)

"Vindens farver" "Colors of the wind"
Dutch Pia Douwes "Kleuren Van De Wind" "Colors of the wind"
European French Laura Mayne (fr) (movie and credits) and

Judith Bérard (fr) (trailer)

"L'air du vent" "The air of the wind"
European Portuguese Susana Félix "Quantas cores do vento tem" "How many colors the wind has"
Finnish Arja Koriseva (movie and credits) "Tuulen värit" "Colors of the wind"
German Alexandra Wilcke (de) (movie) and

Jennifer Rush (credits)

"Das Farbenspiel des Winds" "The iridescence of the wind"
Greek Φιόνα Τζαβάρα (Fióna Tzavára) "Χρώματα του ανέμου" ("Chrómata tou anémou") "Colors of the wind"
Hebrew ריטה (Rita) "צבעי הרוח" ("Tsiv'ey ha'ruach") "Colors of the wind"
Hindi मैरियन डी'क्रूज़ (Marianne D'Cruz Aiman) "हवा के रंग" ("Hava Ke Rang") "Colors of the wind"
Hungarian Udvarias Anna "A szél színei" "The colors of the wind"
Icelandic Valgerður Guðnadóttir (fr) (movie) and

Margrét Eir (credits)

"Vindsins litadýrð" "The wind's colorful glory"
Indonesian Beatrix Renita (id) "Warna Angin" "Colors of the wind"
Italian Manuela Villa (it) (movie and credits) "I colori del vento" "The colors of the wind"
Japanese 土居裕子 (Yuko Doi) (ja) "風の色" ("Kaze no iro") "Colors of the wind"
Korean 신동희 (Shin Dong-Hee) "바람의 빛깔" ("Parame pitkkal") "Colors of the wind"
Latin American Spanish Susana Zabaleta (movie) and

Vanessa Williams (credits)

"Colores en el viento" "Colors in the wind"
Malaysian Juwita Suwito (ms) "Mewarnai sang bayu" "Paint the breeze"
Norwegian Anita Skorgan (movie and credits) "Farger i en vind" "Colors in a wind"
Polish Edyta Górniak "Kolorowy wiatr" "Colorful wind"
Romanian Alina Eremia "Culori al zării vânt" "Colors of the wind of horizon"
Russian Теона Дольникова (Teona Dolnikova) (ru) "Цветами ветра рисовать" ("Tsvetami vetra risovat'") "Painting with the colors of the wind"
Slovak Soňa Norísová "Farby vetra" "Colors of the wind"
Swedish Heléne Lundström "Färger i en vind" "Colors in a wind"
Taiwanese Mandarin 辛曉琪(Winnie Shin/Xīn Xiǎo-Qí) (movie and credits) "风之彩" ("Feng Zhi Cai") "Colors of the wind"
Thai ธีรนัยน์ ณ หนองคาย (Teeranai Na Nongkai) (th) (movie) and

รวิวรรณ จินดา (Rawiwan Chinda) (credits)

"สีสันแห่งสายลม" ("Sisan Haeng Sailom") "Colors of the wind"
Turkish Tuğba Önal (movie) and

Sertab Erener (credits)

"Binbir Rengiyle Rüzgarın" "The thousands of colors of the wind"

Cover versions[edit]

"Colors of the Wind"
Single by Vanessa Williams
from the album Pocahontas: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Released May 23, 1995
Format CD single
Recorded 1995
Genre Pop, R&B
Length 4:17
Label Walt Disney, Mercury
Writer(s) Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz
Producer(s) Keith Thomas
Certification Gold
Vanessa Williams singles chronology
"The Way That You Love"
"Colors of the Wind"
"You Can't Run"

Due to the popularity of the song, many versions of it exist by different artists and in several languages. Cover artists include:



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