Colorz of Rage

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Colorz of Rage
Theatrical release poster
Directed byDale Resteghini
Produced byDale Resteghini (producer)
Kim Resteghini (exec. producer)
Robert A. Flutie (exec. producer)
Written byDale Resteghini
StarringDale Resteghini
Nicki Richards
Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley
Music byDale Resteghini (music supervisor)
Doug Roberts (music editor)
Edited bySabine Hoffmann
Release date
  • 1999 (1999)
Running time
91 minutes
CountryUnited States

Colorz of Rage is a 1999 debut feature film for Dale Resteghini. The independent urban drama features Debbie (Nicki Richards) and Tony Mespelli (Dale Resteghini) trying to make it in New York City despite great adversity. It also features hip-hop star Redman and R&B singer Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley.


Uphill battle faces a mixed-race couple from Boston trying to make it in the big city, with Debbie (Nicki Richards), a black woman who wants to be a singer and Tony (Dale Resteghini), a white young man, who is a struggling actor, both in their early twenties. Although they both believe that race should not be an issue if two people love and respect one another, they are confronted with Debbie's family strongly disapproving the inter-racial affair and to make matters worse, Tony becomes the target of a radical Black Nationalist group who believes inter-racial relationships are a slap in the face to African-American culture. As Tony lands in jail, Debbie meets a good looking black man and finds herself wondering if her relationship with Tony is worth all the trouble.[1]


  • Dale Resteghini ... Tony Mespelli
  • Nicki Richards ... Debbie
  • Redman ... Trevor
  • Cheryl Pepsii Riley
  • Toni D'Antonio ... Joy Mespeli
  • D-Don ... Tha Izzum Man
  • Queen Pen ... Honey
  • Spero Stamboulis ... Jameson
  • DJ Twinz ... Head 1 & 2
  • Ron Van Clief ... Disciple
  • Ali A. Wahhab ... Killil
  • Don Wallace ... Oliver
  • Scott Wojcik ... Casting Director #2
  • Leandro DiMonriva ... Bar Patron


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