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Birth nameAtdhe Gashi
Born1981 (age 37–38)
Prizren, Yugoslavia - present day Kosovo
GenresGerman hip hop
Years active2004–present
LabelsMellowvibes Records[dead link]

Colos (born 1981) is an Albanian rapper living in Germany. He is an artist of Mellow Vibes Records and is residing in Berlin.


Born as Atdhe Gashi (Serbo-Croatian: Atde Gaši) in Prizren, Yugoslavia - present day Kosovo[a], Colos immigrated to Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany as a war refugee in 1994. At the age of 21, he ended his acquiescence in Germany and in early 2002 he returned to Kosovo, where he stayed 18 months. At the end of 2003 he returned to Germany seeking asylum, which was granted for a year. After this year, he remained illegally in Germany.

His label Soul Street was founded in 2004. A short time later joined the label VS Recordz together with the producers Woroc. Colos also founded the crew VS Mafia, to which today even the rapper Pain and ST Chagome and producer Kazanova belong.

In 2006, shortly after the release of his first solo album Honey blood, it signed Berlin Independent Hip Hop Label Mellow Vibes Records, which by Sami Mansour aka. Ben Zulu King and DJ Afrika Bambaataa was founded. On this label he released in May 2007 its 2nd Solo album Life in Exile, and received an entry in the Backspin HipHop Jahrbuch 2007.

End of 2007 turned Colos is for personal reasons to the authorities and was on 10 November 2007 returned to Kosovo.

After more than nine months stay in Kosovo is the native Albanians from Kosovo returned to Germany. After a few months after his arrival in Berlin was on 29 Colos September 2008 alongside the journalist and author Wolfgang Büscher, MTV presenter Patrice, gynecologist and Sami Ben Mansour a guest at the press conference on Germany's Forgotten Children soundtrack, which after three days on Mellow Vibes Records. On the soundtrack are just 50 tracks, d.a. Many famous singers and rappers like Kool Savas, Xavier Naidoo, D-Flame, and many others. The proceeds of the sampler is in the work of the Children and Youth Agency archetypes go, at least some of the estimated two million children in Germany live below the poverty line have to give a perspective.


Studio albums[edit]

  • 2006: Honigblut
  • 2007: Leben im Exil
  • 2009: Independent

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a.   ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations in 2013, as part of the 2013 Brussels Agreement. Kosovo is currently recognized as an independent state by 99 out of the 193 United Nations member states. In total, 112 UN member states recognized Kosovo at some point, of which 13 later withdrew their recognition.


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