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Type of site
Blog, Art, Culture
Owner Christopher Jobson
Editor Christopher Jobson
Alexa rank Increase 7,119 (October 2014) [1]
Launched August 2010
Current status Active

Colossal is a Webby Award-nominated art and visual culture blog. Founded by Chicago-based editor Christopher Jobson in August 2010, the site covers topics ranging from art, design, and photography, to visual aspects of science and general creativity.[2]

The National Endowment for the Arts has called the website a "must read."[3] American blogger Jason Kottke describes it as "a top-notch visual art/design blog," [4] and PBS' Art:21 said the publication "brings recognition to under-represented (or even unrepresented) artists."[5]

Colossal has been further praised by American actor Neil Patrick Harris as "artistic, smart, and inspiring,"[6] and the publication was cited by the TED blog as one of "100 Websites You Should Know and Use" in 2013.[7]


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