Colossal Typewriter

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Colossal Typewriter
Restored PDP-1 with monitor and keyboard
Original author(s) John McCarthy and Roland Silver
Initial release 1960
Platform PDP-1 and possibly TX-0
Type Text editor
Website PDP-1 Restoration Project

Colossal Typewriter by John McCarthy and Roland Silver was one of the earliest computer text editors.[1] The program ran on the PDP-1 at Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) by December 1960.[2]

About this time, both authors were associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but it is unclear whether the editor ran on the TX-0 on loan to MIT from Lincoln Laboratory or on the PDP-1 donated to MIT in 1961 by Digital Equipment Corporation. A "Colossal Typewriter Program" is in the BBN Program Library,[2] and, under the same name, in the DECUS Program Library as BBN- 6 (CT).[3]

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