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A cow of the Norwegian breed Sidet trønder- og nordlandsfe

Colour-sided is a colour pattern of domesticated cattle. It is sometimes called lineback

It consists of a dark body colour, with white finching along the spine, white under the belly, and often white also over the tail, head and legs. The ears, nose and feet are generally dark. The pattern may occur in many breeds, but some breeds are consistently colour-sided, including English Longhorn cattle, Irish Moiled cattle, Randall cattle, Riggit Galloway cattle and Lineback cattle. The dark colour may be any solid colour such as black, red or brindle.

An extreme pale form of the colour-sided pattern is where the darker colour is restricted to the ears, nose and feet, leaving most of the animal white. This is found for example in White Park, British White, and some Irish Moiled cattle.