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Colourpoint or colorpoint (occasionally colour point, color-point, etc.) may refer to:

  • Point coloration of an animal's coat (fur)
    • Colourpoint, the World Cat Federation name for a breed classification encompassing both of what other registries consider two separate breeds a) the Himalayan cat, and b) the Javanese cat
    • Colorpoint Shorthair, a cat breed recognised by the Cat Fanciers' Association and some others, a Siamese cat with non-traditional colouration; the spelling "Colourpoint Shorthair" is usually not used
    • Colourpoint [or Colorpoint] Longhair, a cat breed term with multiple meanings
    • Lower-case: colourpoint cat, colourpoint rabbit, etc. – any animal with point colouration
  • Colourpoint Books, a book publisher based in Northern Ireland