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Colours of the Wind (風の色, Kaze no Iro) is a 2017 Japanese adventure/romance movie, directed by Kwak Jae-yong. The film featured on Chicago's biannual Asian Pop-Up Cinema program.[1]


After his partner Yuri has left him, Ryo spends a lot of time depressed, not knowing where she has gone. One day, he decided to go to a bar. When there, he is offered a briefcase, and is told that he had put it there himself 100 days ago, and told the barkeep to give it to him after 100 days elapsed.

The Bar specialises in magic as its theme, and also runs magic classes. While there, Ryo ends up taking classes, and finds himself quite good at it. Then while, there the bar owner tells him that he has his own doppelgänger, who instructs the magic. He indicates that Ryo has a doppelgänger as well, who is coincidentally a skilled magiciian in Hokkaido, called Ryu.

Ryo then gets a call from Yuri's mother, to find out that Yuri is dead. Howeer, he also finds out that like Ryu, Yuri has a doppelgänger in Hokkaido. Before he has a chance to get there, Ryu dies in a magician stunt gone wrong. He travels there to see her, but instead, Yuri's doppelgänger sees him, and thinks he is Ryu, who has somehow escaped the stunt. Ryo pretends to be Ryu, in order to keep the girl that seems to be Yuri by his side.

Ryo sleeps with her, and then notices that she has the same tattoo as Yuri did. He confronts Yuri's mother, to tell her that there Yuri is alive and living in Hokkaido, who confesses that she is in fact not her mother...and that Yuri never died. The girl that looks like Yuri, is Yuri. She initially left Hokkaido and moved to Tokyo to escape a bad romance, but then she faked her death to return to Hokkaido.[2]

Ryo discovers that Yuri is in fact suffering mental issues with dealing with the two personalities in her brain and has been institutionalised. He breaks her out by performing a magic trick at her hospital, but eventually she is taken back. In honor of his doppelgänger, Ryo attempts Ryu's final trick in which he disappeared. His body is put into a cage and dropped into the ocean. He manages to escape, but in the meantime, finds Ryu's body in the water. He later finds an audio tape made by Ryu, explaining that Ryu was aware of Ryo, and he had wished for Ryo to come and live with Yuri.[3][4]



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