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Colpocoryphe grandis.3 - Fosil.JPG
Colpocoryphe grandis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Trilobita
Order: Phacopida
Suborder: Calymenina
Family: Calymenidae
Genus: Colpocoryphe

Colpocoryphe grandis
Colpocoryphe rouaultiColpocoryphe bohemica

Colpocoryphe is a genus of trilobites in the family Calymenidae.[1]


  • Convex Cephalon
  • Trapezoidal glabellea, frequently distinctly furrowed and surelevated compared to the axis.
  • Dorsal furrows slightly convergent forwardly with almost linear anterior parts.
Broad dorsal furrows, deep and not well defined.
3, rather 4, well defined lateral furrows
  • Librigenæ without lateral area or lateral furrow.
  • Preglabellar field very short, downward oriented.
  • Inflated occipital ring with smooth lateral ends.
  • Occipital furrow broad and deep.
  • Eye ridges rather weak.
  • Anterior cephalic notch marked, with frequently parallel edges.
  • Thorax : Strongly convex axis.
  • Triangular Pygidium
  • Convex axis, with segmentation well defined.
  • 6 - 8 axial rings.
  • Pleurae with deep border furrows.
  • Axis extending nearly to posterior margin (large posterior terminal piece), connected to
it by short postaxial ridge.
  • Pleural fields behind articulating half-ribs nearly smooth, with 2 - 3 very indistinct ribs.
Wide border distinctly set off by marked change in convexity.


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