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Colquhoun (/kəˈhn/ kə-HOON) is a surname of Scottish origin.[1] It is a habitational name from the barony of Colquhoun in Dunbartonshire.[1] The name is possibly derived from the Gaelic elements còil ("nook"), cùil ("corner"), or coill(e) ("wood") + cumhann ("narrow"), or comh-thonn ("the beating of waves together").[2]

Phonetically, MacOlquhoun is similar to MacElhone/MacIlhone and therefor may derive from the name the Gaelic name Mac Giolla Còmhghan.[3] Còmhghan is derived from comh ("together") and gan-, gen- ("born").[4]

Calhoun, Calhoon, Colhoon, Colhoun, Hoon, Cahoun, and Cahoon are variants of the surname Colquhoun. They are generally found only in the United States of America, where conversely the original spelling Colquhoun is rare.[citation needed]

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