Colson Track

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Colson Track

Northern Territory
Colson Track 0416.svg
The Colson Track (blue and white)
General information
Length336 km (209 mi)
Major junctions
SSE endSimpson Desert
NNW endNumery Station
RegionCentral Australia[1]
Far North[2]

The Colson Track is a remote dirt track in Australia running between the Simpson Desert in South Australia and Numery Station in the Northern Territory.[3] It is named in honour of Ted Colson, the first person of European descent to make a successful crossing of the Simpson Desert on foot.[4]


The southern terminus of the track is at a junction with the Rig Road in the western Simpson Desert, and the northern terminus is marked by a sign near the boundary of Numery Station. The length of the track is 336 km, much of which is in swales between sand dunes. The track is defined only by wheel ruts, but it may disappear with washouts and long grass making navigation difficult. The surface is mostly red sand and may be corrugated. The track should be negotiated by four-wheel drive high clearance vehicles only, and a permit to cross Aboriginal land is required. Additional permits are required for travel across the Simpson Desert.


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