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Colt American Blend (Full flavour).jpg
An old Finnish pack of Prima cigarettes, with a Finnish text warning at the bottom of the pack.
Product type Cigarette
Produced by Philip Morris USA in the United States, Imperial Tobacco Finland Oy, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco in Finland
Introduced 1964; 54 years ago (1964)
Markets See Markets

Colt is a cigarette brand that was owned and manufactured by Philip Morris USA. In Finland, it is owned and manufactured by Imperial Tobacco Finland Oy, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco.[1]


Colt was launched in 1964 and it was originally a tobacco factory. However, the company merged with Oy Rettig-Strengberg Ab. in 1976 in Finland.[2] Colt was once Finland's best-selling cigarette brand, but eventually Marlboro and L&M surpassed the brand in terms of sales. The brand was also manufactured and sold in the United States by Philip Morris USA.

Besides cigarettes, cigarette lighters are also sold.

Various poster advertisements were made in Finnish to promote the Colt brand.[3][4]

Sport sponsorship[edit]

Colt cigarettes sponsored the Finnish rally driver Henri Toivonen from 1979 until 1985, as well as the team he drove called "Colt Racing Team".[5][6][7]


Colt is mainly sold in Finland, but also was or still is sold in Switzerland, Greece, Belarus, Russia, Indonesia, United States, Brazil and Argentina.[8][9][10]

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