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Nikke Colton Plaza
NIKKE Colton Plaza, west entrance 01.jpg
West entrance (21 March 2012)
Location Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Opening date 25 November 1988
Management The Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.
Owner The Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd.
Total retail floor area 127,000 m²
No. of floors 4
Parking 2,500

Nikke Colton Plaza is a shopping mall in Moto-Yawata, Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture, Japan. In addition to shops, the mall has a tennis court, movie theatres, a park, and a fountain.

The Ichikawa Citizen's Library and Chiba Museum of Science and Industry are near Nikke Colton Plaza.

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Coordinates: 35°42′56″N 139°56′1″E / 35.71556°N 139.93361°E / 35.71556; 139.93361