Colton Simpson

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Colton Simpson
Colton Simpson.jpg
Simpson in 2007
Born 1966
United States
Occupation Author
Criminal penalty Imprisonment of 126 years.
Criminal status Incarcerated (CEN)
Parent(s) Dick Simpson
Conviction(s) robbery, attempted murder, burglary, grand theft

Colton Simpson (born circa 1966)[1]) was a Crip who is serving a 126-year prison sentence under California's three-strikes law. He is the author of Inside the Crips: Life Inside L.A.'s Most Notorious Gang, a book detailing his life in the gang. He is the son of baseball player Dick Simpson.[2][3]

His prior convictions include a 1986 conviction for robbery and attempted murder.[1]

Simpson was arrested in March 2003, two days after a jewel robbery in Temecula, California. Rental documents linked him to the getaway car used in the robbery, and he was identified as the driver by two police officers who had pursued the car. A trial scheduled for August 2005 was postponed after Simpson's attorney removed himself from the case.[1] In 2007, Simpson was found guilty of robbery, burglary and grand theft, and sentenced under California's three-strikes law.[4]

Inside the Crips was published in 2005.[1]