Colts Cricket Club Ground

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Colts Cricket Club Ground
Ground information
LocationColombo, Sri Lanka
Coordinates6°53′11″N 79°52′04″E / 6.88639°N 79.86778°E / 6.88639; 79.86778Coordinates: 6°53′11″N 79°52′04″E / 6.88639°N 79.86778°E / 6.88639; 79.86778
OwnerColts Cricket Club
OperatorColts Cricket Club
TenantsColts Cricket Club
End names
Havelock Park End
Pavilion End
Team information
Colts Cricket Club (1873–present)
As of 27 October 2015
Source: Colombo Colts Cricket Club

Colts Cricket Club Ground [1] is a cricket ground on Park Road in Havelock Town, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in the south-east corner of Havelock Park. It has been the home of Colts Cricket Club since 1971.

The ground is a regular venue for first-class and List A cricket matches[2] and has also hosted many women's cricket matches. It has also hosted some Youth Tests and ODIs. As of late December 2016 it had hosted 188 first-class matches.[3]


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