Colts Cricket Club Ground

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Colts Cricket Club Ground
Ground information
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
Coordinates 6°53′11″N 79°52′04″E / 6.88639°N 79.86778°E / 6.88639; 79.86778Coordinates: 6°53′11″N 79°52′04″E / 6.88639°N 79.86778°E / 6.88639; 79.86778
Establishment 1873
Capacity 10,000
Owner Colts Cricket Club
Operator Colts Cricket Club
Tenants Colts Cricket Club
End names
Havelock Park End
Pavilion End
Team information
Colts Cricket Club (1873–present)
As of 27 October 2015
Source: Colombo Colts Cricket Club

Colts Cricket Club Ground [1] is a cricket ground on Park Road in Havelock Town, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in the south-east corner of Havelock Park. It has been the home of Colts Cricket Club since 1971.

The ground is a regular venue for first-class and List A cricket matches[2] and has also hosted many women's cricket matches. It has also hosted some Youth Tests and ODIs. As of late December 2016 it had hosted 188 first-class matches.[3]


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