Coltsfoot Rock

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Three sticks of Coltsfoot Rock
Three sticks of Coltsfoot Rock.
The hoof shaped leaves of the Coltsfoot plant
The hoof-shaped leaves of the Coltsfoot plant.

Coltsfoot Rock is a confectionery product created from coltsfoot extract by the UK confectioners Stockley's Sweets, based in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England. As a product, it is a hardened stick of brittle rock candy flavoured with coltsfoot, a plant with hoof-shaped leaves.

As a recognised product of importance with regional heritage, along the lines of Dundee Cake, Kendal Mint Cake and other regional creations, coltsfoot rock has gained similar acknowledgements from the UK Regional Tourism Board, Lancashire Tourism Council and culinary organisations such as Gourmet Britain.[citation needed]

The recipe is secret to Stockley's Sweets and, as they are the only manufacturer, all products that are labelled as such have originated from Stockley's traditional factory.

The history and popularity of the confectionery comes from its supposed medicinal benefits; originally the leaves of the coltsfoot plant were dried and then smoked, and this was thought to have relieved asthma.[1]


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