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The Columbia Political Review
Total circulation 8,000
First issue 2001
Based in New York City, New York

The Columbia Political Review is Columbia University's undergraduate multi-partisan political magazine. The Columbia Political Review is the official publication of the Columbia Political Union, the largest political organization on campus. The Columbia Political Review features articles on domestic and international issues, and interviews with political leaders and academics. It is published four times per academic year.


The Columbia Political Review was created in 2001 by leaders of the Columbia Political Union, including its General Manager, Yoni Appelbaum, and its Publisher, Jaime Sneider. Its first managing editor was Adam B. Kushner.[1] The early magazine featured book reviews, personal essays, opinion pieces, in-depth analysis and interviews with an influential figure. It sought to foster political discussion on campus and become a platform for diverse opinion. It was published two to three times a semester. The Columbia Political Review saw its largest period of growth between 2001 and 2007, when its circulation grew to 4,500. [2]



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