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Coordinates: 38°57′3″N 92°20′23″W / 38.95083°N 92.33972°W / 38.95083; -92.33972 The Columbia Public Library is the public library for the city of Columbia, Missouri. It is the headquarters of the Daniel Boone Regional Library system, which also includes Callaway County Public Library, Southern Boone County Library, and two Bookmobiles. Columbia Public Library is the largest library in the system. The library was established in 1959 on Broadway street just west of downtown. The library was demolished and reconstructed at this same location in 2002. In 2001 it had a circulation of 1,171,641 (82% of the DBRL system). In 2009 Columbia Public Library had 734,719 visitors while the DBRL system had a circulation of 2,110,378.[1]

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