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Columbus Regional Health
Location Columbus, Indiana, United States
Beds 225
Founded 1917
Lists Hospitals in Indiana

Columbus Regional Health[1] (CRH) is a regional hospital located in Columbus, Indiana. The hospital was founded as Bartholomew County Hospital in 1917 and later renamed to Columbus Regional Hospital in 1992.[2] In the fall of 2011, the organization introduced Columbus Regional Health as the new name for the hospital and health system. Columbus Regional Health serves a 10-county region in southeastern Indiana. The hospital has 1,650 employees and over 225 physicians providing emergency and surgical services and comprehensive care in numerous specialty areas.


Columbus Regional Health has three facilities which include:


CRH medical specialties include:


June 7, 2008, CRH experienced a flood of historic magnitude, causing severe damage to the hospital.[3] The flood prompted the evacuation of 157 patients, and forced the hospital to shut down, with damages totaling over $180 million. Due to the flood, certain areas had been destroyed such as the laboratory, pharmacy, information services, food services, and mechanical and electrical systems.

An interim emergency department was opened up in August 2008, and on October 27, Columbus Regional Hospital reopened with a new and improved facility.[4]

In 2012, the Federal Emergency Management Agency backed a project to protect CRH from any future flooding. 15 flood gates were installed around the campus in order to keep water out. Today, CRH is a fully functioning, 225-bed not-for-profit, providing emergency and surgical services and comprehensive care.[5]


In 2014, Columbus Regional Health opened up a new walk-in clinic called WellConnect in the downtown area of Columbus, Indiana.[6] In an effort to keep up with the times, CRH decided to create a new facility with a different approach on delivering health care services. The end result was derived from focus groups and surveys, to the benefit of those living in the downtown area.

WellConnect is a place where you can meet with wellness experts and healthcare professionals. They offer walk-in care for minor illnesses, wellness programs, massage therapy, and cooking demonstrations. It is open to the public, Monday through Friday.[7]

Awards and recognition[edit]

In 2014, CRH received an award for Excellence in Supply Chain Management from VHA Inc..[8]

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce added Columbus Regional Health to Indiana's Best Places to Work Hall of Fame in 2014.[9]

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