Columns Crown

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Columns Crown
Columns Crown cover art.jpg
Developer(s)Wow Entertainment[1]
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance
  • PAL: December 7, 2001
  • JP: December 13, 2001
  • NA: February 4, 2002

Columns Crown (コラムス クラウン, Koramusu Kuraun) is a puzzle game for the Game Boy Advance developed by WOW Entertainment[1] and published by THQ in Europe and US and by Sega in Japan. It's the first spiritual sequel of Columns and was released in Europe on December 7, 2001, in Japan on December 13, 2001, and in North America on February 4, 2002.[2] There were also releases on a Twin Pack cartridges bundled with Sonic Pinball Party in 2006[3] and another Twin Pack cartridge bundled with ChuChu Rocket! in 2008.[4]

The puzzle style is "tetris-esque", with falling vertical blocks of three coloured gems, with matching gems being destroyed. There is a basic plot of rescuing the stolen kingdom's crown by winning games.[5]

There is a power-up feature, with different potential attack and defence features being possible to use, with most only being available during player-to-player versus games.[5]

IGN gave a negative review to Columns Crown, saying that while the versus mode was enjoyable with use of the power-ups, the game as a whole was much less addictive than other similar games released on the Game Boy Advance.[5]


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