Colville Lake (Northwest Territories)

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Colville Lake
Location Sahtu Region, Northwest Territories, Canada
Coordinates 67°10′N 126°0′W / 67.167°N 126.000°W / 67.167; -126.000Coordinates: 67°10′N 126°0′W / 67.167°N 126.000°W / 67.167; -126.000
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 455 km2 (176 sq mi)
Surface elevation 245 m (804 ft)
Settlements Colville Lake, Northwest Territories
References [1]

Colville Lake is the 20th largest lake in Canada's Northwest Territories. The lake is located 100 km (62 mi) northwest of Great Bear Lake in the Sahtu Region. The lake has a perimeter of 121 km (75 mi)[2] and a net area of 416 km² (161 sq mi) and a total area of 439 km² (169 sq mi).[3]

The only community on the lake, Colville Lake, which is the Sahtu Dene village of 126 and is located on the southeast shore, along with Colville Lake/Tommy Kochon Aerodrome and Colville Lake Water Aerodrome.

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