Colvos Passage

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Colvos Passage from Olalla
Colvos Passage at Night, as seen from Olalla

Coordinates: 47°25′33″N 122°31′18″W / 47.425765°N 122.521591°W / 47.425765; -122.521591

The Colvos Passage is a tidal strait within Puget Sound in the American state of Washington running west of Vashon Island between the island and the Kitsap Peninsula. It lies just north of the Tacoma Narrows. Colvos Passage has a permanent northbound current, but the rest of Puget Sound either flows southbound or varies with the tide. The communities of Fragaria, Sunrise Beach, Spring Beach, Maplewood, Lisabeula, Cove and Sylvan Beach are located on Colvos Passage.

Colvos Passage was named by Charles Wilkes during the United States Exploring Expedition, to honor George Colvocoresses, a midshipman for the expedition. Wilkes considered his name too long for geographic honors and so shortened it to Colvos on the official charts.[1][2]


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Beach Cottages in Fragaria along Colvos Passage.