Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta

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Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta
Irish Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta
Founded 1969 –
Trophy Corn an Aire (seniors)
Corn Ghael Linn (juniors)
Corn na mBan (women)
Title holders Naomh Conaill
First winner Gaoth Dobhair
Most titles Gaoth Dobhair
Naomh Abán (8 titles)
Sponsors Coillte

Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta is an annual Gaelic football competition contested by clubs from the Irish language-speaking Gaeltacht areas of Ireland. Clubs compete on a county-basis at first, in order to qualify for the tournament that is hosted by a different club from the Gaeltacht each year. The inaugural competition was held in Gweedore, County Donegal in 1969,[1] with the local club Gaoth Dobhair[2] being crowned as champions. From 1975 onwards, the competition has also been contested at junior level.

RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta provides extensive radio coverage of both the regional qualifiers and the national finals, held over the June Bank Holiday. TG4 provides live television coverage of the finals on the June Bank Holiday Monday and these are also webcast world wide online.

The 2010 champions were Béal an Mhuirthead from Mayo at senior level, who won the tournament on home ground, and An Spidéal at junior level. Cloich Cheannfhaola from An Fál Carrach in Donegal hosted and subsequently won the 2011 senior title, beating Maigh Cuilinn of Galway in the final on a scoreline of 0.11 to 1.6.[3] At junior level, Naomh Mhuire from the Rosses in Donegal won the title by beating Laochra Loch Lao of Belfast on a scoreline of 0.14 to 0.13.

The 2012 competition was held in Gaoth Dobhair,[4] who are the joint most successful club in the competition's history. They managed to win the tournament outright on home soil also, the third consecutive team to do so. They beat Mayo's Cill tSéadhna, a team who remarkably made the final after three games in two days. Even more remarkably, they scored a total of 17 goals in 4 games (15 of them in the first 3 games). Gaoth Dobhair however, were by far the superior team over the weekend. They won the final on a scoreline of 1-13 to 2-9. An estimated crowd of 10,000 attended the picturesque coastal region for the finals.

The Waterford club Rinn Ó gCuanach CLG will host the competition in 2013. They hosted the tournament last in 1999. The Kerry teams An Ghaeltacht and Lios Póil won the senior and junior finals respectively that year.

Senior Championship 1969–2016[edit]

Year Host Winners Runners-up
2016[5] Baile Bhúirne Naomh Conaill 1-16 An Ghaeltacht 2-8
2015 Ard an Rátha Naomh Conaill 1-11 Chíll Chartha 0-6
2014[6] Maigh Cuilinn Cill Charta 3-14 Micheál Breathnach 0-13
2013 An Rinn Gaoth Dobhair An Rinn
2012 Gaoth Dobhair Gaoth Dobhair Cill tSéadhna
2011 Cloich Cheann Fhaola Cloich Cheann Fhaola Maigh Cuilinn
2010 Béal an Mhuirthid Béal an Mhuirthid Ard an Ratha
2009 Rosmuc Ard an Ratha Carna Caiseal
2008 Naomh Columba Cill Chartha Naomh Columba
2007 Beal Átha Ghaothaigh Gaoth Dobhair Tuar Mhic Éadaigh
2006 An Spidéal Béal an Mhuirthead Micheál Breathnach
2005 Cill Na Martra Naomh Abán Gaoth Dobhair
2004 Cill Chartha Gaoth Dobhair Cill tSéadhna
2003 Baile Bhúirne Naomh Abán An Cheathrú Rua
2002 Leitir Móir Gaoth Dobhair Naomh Abán
2001 Piarsaigh na Dromada Clochán Liath Naomh Abán
2000 Cill tSéadhna Naomh Abán Cill Chartha
1999 An Rinn An Ghaeltacht Naomh Abán
1998 Cloich Cheanfhaola Ard an Ratha Cloich C. Fhaola
1997 An Cheathrú Rua An Cheathrú Rua Corca Dhuibhne
1996 Baile Bhúirne Corca Dhuibhne Naomh Abán
1995 An Fhairche Corca Dhuibhne An Fhairche
1994 Gaoth Dobhair Gaoth Dobhair An Cheathrú Rua
1993 Ráth Cairn Cloich Cheann Fhaola Leitir Móir
1992 Indreabhán Cloich Cheann Fhaola An Cheathrú Rua
1991 Beal Átha Ghaothaigh Cill Chartha Maigh Cuilinn
1990 Gallarus Cill Chartha Corca Dhuibhne
1989 Gleann Cholm Cille Cill Chartha Naomh Columba
1988 An Cheathrú Rua Múscraí Cill Chartha
1987 Béal an Mhuirthid Cill Chartha An Fhairche
1986 Na Dúnaibh Gleann Cholm Cille An Fhairche
1985 Gallarus Béal an Mhuirthid Corca Dhuibhne
1984 An Rinn Béal an Mhuirthid Ard an Ratha
1983 Gaoth Dobhair Na Dúnaibh Béal an Mhuirthid
1982 Gaoth Dobhair Naomh Abán Béal an Mhuirthid
1981 Indreabhán Naomh Abán Naomh Ciarán
1980 An Fhairche Naomh Abán An Fhairche
1979 Baile Bhúirne Naomh Abán Corca Dhuibhne
1978 Gleann Cholm Cille Gleann Cholm Cille An Fhairche
1977 An Daingean Na hAghasaigh Naomh Abán
1976 An Cheathrú Rua Gaoth Dobhair Naomh Abán
1975 Gaoth Dobhair Naomh Abán Leitir Móir
1974 Baile Bhúirne Na hAghasaigh Naomh Conall
1973 An Cheathrú Rua Maigh Eo Gaoth Dobhair
1972 An Daingean Na hAghasaigh Naomh Abán
1971 Baile Bhúirne Maigh Cuilinn Naomh Abán
1970 Gaoth Dobhair Conamara Naomh Abán
1969 Gaoth Dobhair Gaoth Dobhair Corca Dhuibhne

Junior Championship 1975–2016[edit]

Year Winners Runners-up
2016[7] Na Dúnaibh (Downings) 2-9 Renvyle 0-12
2014 Oileaín Árainn 0-15 Moindearg, London 0-9
2013 Gaeil Fhánada Oileaín Árainn
2012 An Tearmann Naomh Náille
2011 Naomh Mhuire Laochra Loch Laoí
2010 An Spideáil Piarsaigh Na Dromoda.
2009 Oileaín Árainn Na Piarsaigh
2008 An Rinn Naomh Mhuire
2007 Naomh Mhuire Acaill
2006 Micheál Breathnach Gaeil Fhanada
2005 Lios Póil Cill Chomain
2004 Béal an Mhuirthead Na Dunaibh
2003 Lios Póil Béal an Mhuirthid
2002 Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh An Rinn
2001 Piarsaigh na Dromada Tur Mhic Éadaigh
2000 Mícheál Breathnach Tur Mhic Éadaigh
1999 Lios Póil Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh
1998 Piarsaigh na Dromada Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh
1997 Piarsaigh na Dromada Naomh Columba B
1996 Mícheál Breathnach Naomh Mícheál (Dún na gGall)
1995 Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh Carna – Caiseal
1994 Piarsaigh na Dromada Naomh Muire
1993 Rath Cairn An Rinn
1992 Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh Acaill
1991 Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh Clann Chol. Mhuire
1990 Corca Dhuibhne Piarsaigh na Dromada
1989 Cill Chartha Na Piarsaigh
1988 Rath Cairn Tur Mhic Éadaigh
1987 Naomh Anna, Leitir Móir Gaoth Dobhair
1986 An Clochán Liath Rath Cairn
1985 N. Micheál, Béal na Sceilg Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh
1984 Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh Clann Chol. Mhuire
1983 Tur Mhic Éadaigh An Ceathrú Rua
1982 Na Dúnaibh Cloich Cheanfhaola
1981 Na Dúnaibh Naomh Micheál
1980 N.Micheál, Baile na Sceilg Tur Mhic Éadaigh
1979 N. Micheál, Baile na Sceilg Gleann Fhinne
1978 Carna Naomh Mícheál
1977 An Fhairche C.L.Bréanann
1975 Cill Chartha

An Cailín Gaelach winners[edit]

Year Donegal National
1970 Bairbre Ní Mhéalóid- Rath Chairn
1971 Máirín Ní Bhaoill- Gaoth Dobhair Máirín Ní Bhaoill - Gaoth Dobhair
1972 Deirdre Ní Dhonnacha An Spideal
1973 Caitlín Ní Chonghaile - Rath Chairn
1974 Siúbhan Ní Dhabharan - Maigh Cuilinn
1975 Máire Nic G. Easpaig- N. Columba Máire Nic Giolla Easpaig
1976 Maire Ní Cheallaigh - An Spideal
1977 Mairéad Ní Dhonnachadha - C.Duibhne
1978 Mairéad Ní Bhaoill - Naomh Columba Mairéad Ní Bhaoill
1979 Maire Treasa Ní Chéide- M. Breath.
1980 Diane Ní Dhiscín - An Fhairce
1981 Siubhán Ní Mhaoileoin - B Átha
1982 Bríd Úna Ní Mhaoileoin - Ciarraí
1983 Máire Ní Dhonnacha – An C. Rua
1984 Bernadette Ní Mhaolagain- Gaoth Dobhair Bernadette Ní Mhaolagain Gaoth Dobhair
1985 Caitlín Criotháin - Corca Dhuibhne
1986 Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin - Na Dúnaibh Mairéad Ní Cheilleachair - Muigheo
1987 Mairéad Ní Neachtain - Leitir Mór
1988 Máire Ní Chathaláin - C. Dhuibhne
1989 Máire Níc Aoidh - Ard A’ Rátha Dearbhla Ní Churraoin- N. Columba
1990 Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh - R. Cairn
1991 Tríona Ní Ráinne - Leitir Mór
1992 Eibhlín Seoige - Ros Muc
1993 Celia Ní Fhatharta- M. Breathnach
1994 Martina Ní Chanáin - N Columba Martina Ní Chanáin
1995 Caithríona Nic Fhionnghaile- Gaoth Dobhair
1996 Mairín Ní Mhurchú - Cill tSéadna
1997 Deirdre Ní Churraoin - Móin Dearg
1998 Paula Ní Dhuibhir - Gaoth Dobhair Sinéad Ní Mhaille - T. M.Éadaigh
1999 Michelle Ní Ghrianna -N. Mhuire Michelle Ní Ghrianna
2000 Máire Ní Fhlatharta - Spidéal
2001 Sinéad Ní Chonchúir - P. na Dromoda
2002 Maire Ánna Ní Iarnain - L. Mór
2003 Sarah Ní Gallchóir -Gaoth Dobhair Aine Ní Shuilleabháin Naomh Abán
2004 Bríd Ní Gallchóir -Gaoth Dobhair Máirín Ní Fhlatharta - An Mhí
2005 Maire Áine Ní hIcí -Gaoth Dobhair Maire Ní Bheolain - An Ghaeltacht
2006 Gráinne Ní Bhaoill -An Tearmann Orla Ní Shuilleabháin- An Mhí
2007 Áine Ní Riagáin -N. Chonaill. Máire R. Ní Fhlatharta - An C. Rua
2008 Edel Ni Cnáimhsí -Gaoth Dobhair Edel Ní Chnáimhsí - Gaoth Dobhair
2009 R. Nic Eamarcaigh -An Tearmann Róise Nic Corraidh - L. Loch Laoi
2010 Maire Nic Giolla Easbuig - C.L. Gráinne Ní hÓllain- L. Loch Laoi
2011 Brídín Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh-Gaoth Dobhair Brídín Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh Gaoth Dobhair
2012 Eibhlín Ni Cheanainn - Cloich Cheannfhaola Rachel Ní Fhearraigh - Gaoth Dobhair
2014 Siobhán Nic Fhlannchadha - Maigh Cuilinn


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