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Industry Publishing
Founded 2000
Founder Eddie Deighton
Russell Uttley
Neil Googe
Headquarters Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Key people
Eddie Deighton
Jon Sloan
Products Comics
Website Official website

Com.x is a British comic publishing company.



Com.x was founded in 2000 by Eddie Deighton, Russell Uttley and Neil Googe. Deighton later described how the group came together in 1999:

The company published a number of titles in the following couple of years like Cla$$war by Rob Williams and Trevor Hairsine,[2][3] Puncture by Uttley and Ben Oliver,[4] Razorjack by John Higgins[5] and Bazooka Jules by Googe.[6]

Rob Williams suggested that the relatively greater impact Com.x had on the American publishing companies was:

The downside of this for the company was that their artists, like Trevor Hairsine,[8] Ben Oliver, Joshua Middleton[9] and Neil Googe, were snapped up by Marvel and DC.[7]

They ran into bigger problems in 2002 when their offices were burgled[10] and it took them time to recover.[11] Other named projects, like Battle Raven Six by Antony Johnston,[12] were never published and the company went quiet for over a year.


The second phase of the company's activity took place in 2003 and 2004.[13] The first three issues of Cla$$war were collected into a trade paperback in 2003[14][15] and the series was finished in 2004 with new artist Travel Foreman.[16][17] However, when interviewed in 2004 Googe said he did not feel the company had fully returned:

Other titles that were announced as returning, but never appeared, include Bazooka Jules with new artist LeSean Thomas[18][19] and Thomas' own Cannon Busters.[20]


The company returned fully to comics publishing in 2008, led by Eddie Deighton and business partner Benjamin Shahrabani, with a more sustainable business model.[1] To avoid delays in the releasing of series, Deighton said that "[o]ur publishing model, at least for the time being, is going to focus on graphic novel format, collected editions, complete story-arcs, etc."[21]

This included the release of new original graphic novel Path by Gregory Baldwin,[1] along with the collection of Razorjack[5][22] and Cla$$war.[3][23] Then they will roll out other titles, including Forty-Five written by Andi Ewington[24] with forty-five comics artists,[25][26] a softcover collection of Cla$$war and another creator-owned comic.[21]


Titles published include:


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