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ComRes is a market research consultancy operating in the United Kingdom and internationally. Established in 2003 at Communicate Research Ltd. ComRes was founded to bridge the gap between communications strategy and traditional market research.

ComRes specialises in reputation, public policy and communications research across a wide range of sectors. Clients have included large corporates such as TSB, Uber, Ticketmaster and Virgin Media, as well as charities and public sector clients such as Greenpeace and Teach First.

ComRes is well known in the UK for its monthly voter intention polls on behalf of ITV News, The Daily Mail, and for its surveys of legislators. Other media outlets such as The Independent, the BBC, and Sky News also commission ComRes research.

ComRes is a founding member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.[1]

MRS Awards 2014: Public Policy/Social Research Winner
MRS Awards 2014: Best Agency with a turnover under £20 million Finalist
Public Affairs Awards: Pollster of the Year (2010) Winner

Poll Archive[edit]

The company has freely available political voting intention polls on their website along with results from regular surveys.[2]

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