Comarca Emberá-Wounaan

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Location of Emberá territory in Panama

Emberá is a comarca indígena (indigenous territory) in eastern Panama. It was created by Law Number 22 on November 8, 1983, within the territories of Chepigana and Pinogana districts, Darién Province. The capital is Unión Chocó. The 2010 census found 9,544 people living within Emberá. The area of this comarca is 4,383.6 sq. kilometers.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Emberá-Wounaan Comarca is sub-divided into 2 districts and 5 corregimientos.

Corregimientos (Subdivisions)
Cabecera (Seat)
Cémaco District Cirilo Guaynora, Lajas Blancas, Manuel Ortega Unión Chocó
Sambú District Río Sábalo, Jingurudo Puerto Indio

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Coordinates: 8°32′03″N 77°32′30″W / 8.53417°N 77.54167°W / 8.53417; -77.54167