Combat Hopak

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Combat Hopak
Hopak korea.jpg
Combat Hopak team during Chungju World Martial Arts Festival in 2001
Also known as Бойовий гопак, Boyovyi Hopak, Boyovyy Hopak
Focus various
Hardness Full contact, Semi contact, Light contact
Country of origin Ukraine Ukraine
Creator Volodymyr Pylat
Famous practitioners Kateryna Tarnovska ( founder of Asgarda )
Parenthood Hopak and other traditional Ukrainian dances, Ukrainian folk wrestling, Ukrainian fistfighting, Cossack combat
Descendant arts Asgarda
Olympic sport No

Combat Hopak ( also Boyovyy Hopak, Boyovyi Hopak from Ukrainian Бойовий гопак ) is a cossack martial art from Ukraine. It was systematised and codified in 1985 by Volodymyr Pylat (descendent of Cossack family from western Ukraine). It could be trained in light, semi and full contact formulas. Combat Hopak includes techniques of traditional Ukrainian folk fist fighting, folk wrestling, cossack sabre fencing) and cossack war dances like Hopak and Metelycia.[1][2][3]


In Ukraine, schools of Combat Hopak are present in most parts of country. Students of this martial art take part in tournaments in cossack free fighting, kickboxing, wrestling and MMA formulas in Ukraine.

Outside Ukraine[edit]

It has schools in Poland,[4][5][6] Canada,[7] the USA,[8] Germany[9] , Portugal[10]

Subtypes of Combat Hopak[edit]

Combat Hopak can be trained in 4 ways:

  • Оздоровчий ( Fitness ) - as a form of gymnastics for health improvement
  • Фольклорно-мистецький ( theatrical ) - preparations of forms for stage shows and presentations
  • Спортивний ( Sport) - as regular contact sport for kickboxing, wrestling and MMA sport tournaments
  • Бойовий ( Combat ) - military grade hand-to-hand and weapon combat.

Systems - descendants of Combat Hopak[edit]