Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps

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Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
Combat Mission - Afrika Korps Coverart.png
Publisher(s) CDV
Designer(s) Charles Moylan
Stephen Grammont
Programmer(s) Charles Moylan
Platform(s) PC, Mac
Release December 3, 2003
Genre(s) Turn-based tactics, War sim
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps title screen

Combat Mission: Afrika Korps is a turn-based computer game about tactical battles in World War II. It is part of the Combat Mission series. It focuses on the campaigns in North Africa, East Africa, Italy, and Crete.

For the Allies, the game represents the forces of Britain, America, Free France, Canada, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The Axis forces include Germany and Italy.

Demo scenarios[edit]

A playable public demo was offered by The demo did not include access to the mission editor, but did permit solo, hotseat, email and TCP/IP play of two included scenarios.

The first scenario depicted German armour and infantry assaulting U.S. armour and infantry over open desert and through a shallow wadi into an oasis in early 1943. The scenario highlight several new features of the CM game system, including vehicle-generated dust clouds and the modelling of multi-turreted tanks.

The second scenario depicted a U.S. assault on a German-held village in Italy in 1944.

External links[edit]

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