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Combichrist discography
Studio albums 8
Compilation albums 1
EPs 10

The discography of Combichrist, a Norwegian aggrotech and EBM band based in Atlanta, consists of eight studio albums, one retrospective album, ten extended plays, and many compilation and remixes.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album
2003 The Joy of Gunz
2005 Everybody Hates You
2007 What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People?
2009 Today We Are All Demons
2010 Making Monsters
2013 No Redemption (Official DmC: Devil May Cry Soundtrack)
2014 We Love You
2016 This Is Where Death Begins


Year Album
2010 Noise Collection Vol. 1


Year EPs Label
2003 Kiss the Blade Out of Line
2004 Blut Royale Bractune Records
Sex, Drogen und Industrial Out of Line
2006 Get Your Body Beat Out of Line / Metropolis Records
2008 Frost EP: Sent to Destroy
2009 Heat EP: All Pain is Beat
2010 Scarred
Never Surrender
2011 Throat Full of Glass
2014 From My Cold Dead Hands

Music videos[edit]

Year Video Director
2005 "Blut Royale" Sandra Jensen
2006 "Get Your Body Beat" Agata Alexander
2007 "Electrohead"
"Deathbed" Andy LaPlegua & Agata Alexander
"Fuck That Shit" Brandon Duncan
2008 "Sent to Destroy" Robyn Von Swank
2011 "Throat Full of Glass" Chad Michael Ward
2014 "Maggots at the Party" Jason Alacrity

Other compilations[edit]

Year Soundtrack Song
2006 The Gene Generation "Get Your Body Beat"
"This Shit Will Fuck You Up"
"What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?"
2009 The Collector "Shut Up and Bleed" (featuring W.A.S.T.E)
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans "Today We Are All Demons" (Beneath the World Mix)
2011 DmC: Devil May Cry gameplay trailer "Never Surrender"
2012 Underworld: Awakening "Bottle of Pain" (exclusive track)
Year Compilation Song
2003 Extreme Jenseitshymnen Vol. 4 "Line to the Dead"
Dark Awakening Vol. 4 "God Wrapped in Plastic"
Awake the Machines Vol. 4 "Vater Unser"
2004 Intensivstation "Vater Unser"
Machineries of Joy 3 "Lying Sack of Shit"
Industrial for the Masses Vol. 2 "Strike" and "Without Emotions"
15 Minutes into the Future "Das Der Bunker"
Per:Version: Vol 14 "Blut Royale"
2005 Aderlass Vol. 3 "Sex, Drogen & Industri" (Soman Mix)
Electrixmas "This Shit Will Fuck You Up"
Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act I "Tractor"
This Is... Techno Body Music "This Is TBM"
Extreme Club Hits X "Enjoy the Abuse"
Zillo Club Hits 10 "This Shit Will Fuck You Up"
Synth & Wave Essential Vol. 2 "Sex, Drogen Und Industrial" (Low Tech Mix)
Cyberl@b Volume [5.0] "This Shit Will Fuck You Up"
Metropolis 2005 "Blut Royale"
M'er Luna Festival 2005 "This Shit Will Fuck You Up"
Extreme Sunderfall2 "This Is My Rifle"
2006 Das Bunker: Fear of a Distorted Planet "Christus Commando"
Industrial for the Masses Vol. 3 "Electrohead"
13th Street - The Sound of Mystery 2 "Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood"
Metropolis 2006 "Get Your Body Beat"
ElektroStat 2006 "Blut Royale"
Extended Electronics "This Is My Rifle" (Extended Remix by Sergio Mesa)
Dark Flowers Vol. II "Blut Royale"
Aderlass Vol. 4 "Without Emotions"
2007 Aderlass Vol. 5 "Electrohead"
Machineries of Joy Volume 4 "Hate and Booze" (featuring Helltrash)
13th Street the Sound of Mystery 3 "Get Your Body Beat"
Zillo Club Hits Vol. 12 "Electrohead"
When Angels Die "This Is My Rifle" (Faderhead Remix)
2008 Industrial Attack Vol.2 "Electrohead"
Awake the Machines Vol. 6 "Prince of E-Ville" (Chicago Club Mix by Accessory)
EOD Vol. 2 "What the Fuck is Wrong with You People?"
Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 89 "Sent to Destroy"
Das Bunker 4: Brighter Than a Thousand Suns "A New Form of Silence"
Extreme Lustlieder 1 "Shut Up and Swallow"
2009 Metropolis Rebirth 2.0 "All Pain Is Gone" (Rapid Ascent Mix)
Gothic Spirits - EBM Edition "All Pain Is Gone"
Electrostorm "Scarred"
2010 Sthilmann - Tunning Blaster "Never Surrender" (Sthilmann Club Mix)
Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer "Nosepad"
Zillo CD-09/2010 "Slave to the Machine"
Amphi Festival 2010 "Get Out of My Head"
Zillo-Festival-CD 07-08/10 "Kickstart the Fight"
Electrostorm Volume 2 "Can't Change the Beat"
Industrial for the Masses Vol. 4 "Penalty Shot"
Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act V] "All Pain Is Gone"
2011 Awake the Machines Vol. 7 Slave to Machine"
Electronic Body Matrix 1 "Never Surrender" (Terrence Fixmer Remix)

Remixes by Combichrist/Andy LaPlegua/DJ Scandy[edit]

Artist Song information
Ad Inferna Vertige (Combichrist Remix)
Aesthetic Perfection Inhuman (Combichrist Remix)
Agonoize Chains of Love (Destruction Remix)
Angelspit 100% (99% Rawmix)
100% (110% Fucked Mix)
Assemblage 23 Spark (Combichrist Mix)
The Azoic Conflict (Combichrist Mix)
The Birthday Massacre Shallow Grave (Combichrist)
C + C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (as Combichrist)
Cylab Kundalini (Lucky 13 Mix)
Dive vs. Diskonnekted Do You Believe It (Combichrist Mix)
Down Below Private Soul Security (Electronix Remix By Scandy)
Eisbrecher Verrückt (Combichrist Remix)
FGFC820 Existence (Combichrist Remix)
Front Line Assembly Beneath the Rubble (Combichrist Remix)
Hocico Ruptura (Motherfucker 667 Remix)
I:Scintilla Havestar (Combichrist Mix)
IAMX You Can Be Happy (Combichrist Remix)
Icon of Coil Android (Mix by Combichrist)
Dying Breed (digitall remix by Scandy)
Regret (Combichrist Remix)
Shelter (According to Combichrist)
Interface Faith in Nothing (Combichrist No Faith Mix)
Imperative Reaction Surface (Under the Surface Remix by Scandy)
Julien-K Systeme de Sexe (Combichrist Remix)
KMFDM Tohuvabohu (MS 20 Mix)
Bait & Switch (All 4 One Mix)
The Left Rights White ("Starfucks" Remix by Combichrist)
Left Spine Down Last Daze from the 2009 album Voltage 2.3: Remixed and Revisited
Manufactura Sex and Suicide (This is What You Need Mix by Cobmichrist)
Mindless Self Indulgence (It's 3AM) Issues (Scandy Remix)
Never Wanted to Dance (Electro Hurtz Mix)
Straight to Video (Mix According to Combichrist)
Modulate Skullfuck (Combichrist Remix)
Motionless in White Sinematic (Combichrist Remix)
Morbid Angel Destructos Vs. the Earth (remixed by Combichrist)
Sevendaysofnight Free Your Mind [Rock the Dancefloor Mix by Combichrist]
Snakeskin I Am the Dark (Electronoir Mix)
Suicide Commando Fuck You, Bitch (Combichrist Remix)
Surgery L'erba Cattiva (Combichrist Remix)
Tamtrum Abort the Pope (Combichrist Remix)
The Birthday Massacre Shallow Grave (Combichrist 'Good For Her' Mix)
Trick & Kubick Can't Stop (Scandy Remix)
Tristesse De La Lune Time Is Moving (Remix By Panzer AG)
Queen Of The Damned (Laplegua Mix)
Warren Suicide Butcher Boy (Combichrist Remix)

Remixes of Combichrist[edit]

Song Remix information
"Kiss the Blade" Motherfucker 667 Mix
Frequency Cabrone 667 Mix
Remixed by Soman
"Sex, Drogen und Industrial" Addicted Remix by SolaceRED (download track only)
(are missing) (Cross mix) feat. E.R.R.A.
Unknown Mix
"Vater Unser" Combicritters Remix
"This Is My Rifle" (Happy Fucking Rifle Remix) (Lo-Fi Legion)
BioMechAnimal Mix by XP8
AK47 Mix by Controlled Collapse
BFG Remix by Servo.Hatred
Pussy Pounding Mix by Encoder
Spoils of War Remix by Kandelectra
Killswitch Remix
Zyst3m 3rror Re.mix by ZyVar +2
CL-Macromix by Caustic Light
Gravemachine Mix
TU-160 Remix
5ilent Narcotic Remix
Flesh Eating Foundation Remix
Adipocere Remix
Bang, You're Dead Mix by Catharsis
B'christ Mix by Afront
Exit-Wound Mix by Fatal Rupture
Lasergun Remix by T3CHN0PH0B1A
Reverie Remix
Fuck Off RMX by Amd
Sthilmann Remix
Vietcong Remix by Attack
sOuNd_oF-cHaOs Remix
PukesPantiesPussy Remix by AntI-EstaticA
Remix by Anthony Chapman
Sothis216 "Riffle Pussy" Remix
Faderhead Remix
Oni Remix
Infernal Droid Remix
Masoschizm Remix
"Blut Royale" Instru-Mental Version
"Get Your Body Beat" (Käpt'n K Mix by Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM)
Rotten Blood Remix by Amduscia
Shooting Up Remix by Point45
Tortured Remix by Manufactura
Remixed by Spetsnaz
Remixed by Sergio Mesa
Beat By Beat Remix by Controlled Collapse
(NOS remix) featuring Amduscia
"Like to Thank My Buddies" (Re]-Verp) mix by [Syn]thetic-Null
"Get Outta My Head" Combichrist VS Ashlee Simpson (She's a Psycho Bitch Remix by Deader)
"Today We Are All Demons" (Beneath the World Mix) on Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Soundtrack
"Sent to Destroy" (Reworked by Rotersand)
Northborne Remix
Sacrifice Remix by Suicide Commando
"Prince of E-Ville" (Princess Mix by Babyland)
Chicago Club Mix by Accessory
Caustic Remix
"All Pain Is Gone" Rapid Ascent Mix by VNV Nation
Matthew Grim Deathmix
"Can't Change the Beat" (Designer Drugs Remix)
Aesthetic Perfection Remix
Remixed By Vaughn_e
Assemblage 23 Remix
"Scarred" (Single Version Feat. Wes Borland)
(Club Mix)
Pull Out Kings Remix
Shok's Zeitmahl Remix
Imperative Reaction Remix
"Never Surrender" IAMX Rework
Remix by MELT
Terrence Fixmer Remix
"Throat Full of Glass" Tough Guy Mix by S.A.M.
Vocal Mix by Computer Club
Dub Mix by Computer Club
Renegade of Noise Mix by Daniel Myer