Combinations (album)

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Studio album by Eisley
Released August 14, 2007
Genre Indie pop
Length 37:05
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Richard Gibbs
Eisley chronology
Final Noise E.P.
2005Final Noise E.P.String Module Error: Match not found
Like the Actors E.P.
2007Like the Actors E.P.String Module Error: Match not found
Singles from Combinations
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating (85%) link
Allmusic 4/5 stars link
Austin American-Statesman 3/5 stars link
The A.V. Club 4/5 stars link
Houston Chronicle 3/4 stars link
Metacritic (72/100) link

Combinations is the second full-length album by the band Eisley. It was released on August 14, 2007.

The first single for Combinations was "Invasion". Two music videos were intended to be shot for the single. One was a "viral video" for YouTube and iTunes and another was rumored to be made for MTV and other media outlet, but due to assumed conflict with their label and confusion on how to market the band, only one video was made. Invasion wasn't pushed to radio and was the only "single" for the album. A video for Many Funerals that was shot by Israel Anthem was spoken about around the time of the band's acoustic tour in 2007, but never surfaced.

A special edition CD/DVD includes eight songs from the band’s Ventura, CA, concert, the Memories video and a 30-minute The Making Of Combinations video piece. The cover art is coloured blue instead of yellow. A vinyl release was expected as the band was recording, but one never came to be. The band is now working on getting it released on vinyl in a combo pack with Room Noises (which only got pressed for 1000 vinyl copies originally).

Combinations debuted in the Billboard 100 with first week sales of 9,300.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Many Funerals" 2:51
2. "Invasion" 3:36
3. "Taking Control" 3:03
4. "Go Away" 3:04
5. "I Could Be There for You" 3:35
6. "Come Clean" 3:33
7. "Ten Cent Blues" 3:59
8. "A Sight to Behold" 3:15
9. "Combinations" 3:34
10. "If You're Wondering" 3:55
Total length: 37:05

Special Edition DVD[edit]

  • The "Making Of" Combinations
  • Ventura, CA concert footage
  1. "Mr. Pine"
  2. "Memories"
  3. "Just Like We Do"
  4. "Marvelous Things"
  5. "Head Against the Sky"
  6. "Golly Sandra"
  7. "Like The Actors"
  8. "Trolley Wood"
  • Memories music video