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This article is about a form of industrial administration. For all other, see Combine.
One of the 17,000 workers at the Kombinat Robotron in the German Democratic Republic in 1987 working to produce typewriters

Combine (Russian: Комбинат) has several related meanings:

  1. A large industrial enterprise that combines several different enterprises that are related to each other by a technological process or through an administration. Example: a metallurgy combine combines all forms of production such as factories, mines and other to produce steel sheets.
  2. A combination of educational-developmental institutions of different levels such as an institute and a tekhnikum, day care and kindergarten (Child combine).
  3. Combination of various enterprises as one of the forms of monopoly.

It is a term for industrial business groups[1] or conglomerates in the socialist countries and particularly the former Soviet Union. Examples include VEB Kombinat Robotron, an electronics manufacturer, and IFA, a manufacturer of vehicles, both in East Germany, and the Erdenet copper combine in Mongolia.


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