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The Associated Schools of NSW Inc.
Formation 1929
Headquarters Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Australia
St. Aloysius College
Barker College
Cranbrook School
Knox Grammar
Trinity Grammar
Waverley College
Official language

The Associated Schools of NSW Inc, most commonly referred to as the Committee of Associated Schools (CAS), is a group of six independent schools located in Sydney, Australia, which share common interests, ethics, educational philosophy and contest sporting events between themselves. In addition, CAS members often compete with members of the Athletic Association of the Great Public Schools of New South Wales (GPS) and members of the Independent Schools Association (ISA).


The CAS was initiated in 1928 by Knox Grammar School’s first headmaster, Neil MacNeil, when he proposed an association with Barker College, Cranbrook School, Trinity Grammar School, All Saints' College and St Aloysius' College.

The association was formed in 1929 to provide sporting and co-curricular competition with the foundation members being the above schools with the exception of All Saints', who were not mentioned again. Waverley College had its application of June 1929 deferred until it finally joined in the 1940s. This was because the headmaster of Trinity Grammar School throughout the 1930s came to an impasse with Waverley headmaster at the time, Br Edward Nelson, over school fee issues. This issue questioned the integrity of the school and the application was held up until 1941. At this point in time Waverley had a new headmaster, Br Andrew Denman.

The CAS primarily provides sporting competitions between the various schools, including swimming and athletics, the summer sports cricket and basketball, and the winter sports rugby union, football (soccer), and cross country. CAS also offers a wide range of cultural activities such as cadet competitions, chess, debating and public speaking. Since 1935, a representative from each CAS and GPS school has competed in the Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition.

Representatives from all six schools meet regularly to determine sporting schedules, school terms, competitions and address any issues arising from the CAS competition.

Sydney Grammar School often participates in debating competitions and some sport (mainly volleyball) hosted by the CAS board.

Tony Higgins, dean of careers at Knox Grammar School, manages the employment relations aspect of the association. John Day and Roger Seaborn, members of the Trinity Grammar School Council, also form part of this committee and are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the CAS. August Courtis is in charge of the Public Relations Department.

The meeting of the representatives of the CAS in April 2006 saw the introduction of a cadet drill competition, suggested by Helen Clarke of Knox Grammar School and Gordon Barkl of the Barker College School Council. This was intended to further enhance the links between the six CAS schools. In June 2006, the CAS committee initiated the first joint-scholarship programme for academic performance. Awarded annually, the student attaining the scholarship is granted six years of secondary education at any of the six CAS schools.

The annual meeting of the CAS committee in April 2007 saw the introduction of lawn bowls as an official CAS sport through the initiative of Pete Mullers and Chantal Hunter of the Waverley College sport department. The event also saw the proposal of the introduction of a common teaching/learning program in the academic side of each of the six participating schools. The program has been drafted by Shane Sedgman and Jenny Emery of Knox Grammar School. The head of the CAS committee, Dougal Parr, also announced his decision to step down from his position and was replaced by his deputy, Edward Bradshaw.

On 4 May 2007, English faculty executives from the six CAS schools attended a conference held at Knox Grammar School to commence the drafting of a common learning program. Headed by the dean of English of Knox Grammar School and Barker College, Steve Parsons and Ann Lawless Bean, assessment tasks, examinations and teaching schedules were devised for the academic year commencing 2008. The mathematics department attended a similar seminar on 7 May 2007 and was headed by Michael Harnwell and Ian Schultz.


Member schools[edit]

Crest School Location Enrolment Founded Denomination Boys/Girls Day/Boarding Year Entered
School Colors
Staloysiussydney.jpg St Aloysius' College Milsons Point 1200 1879 Catholic Boys Day 1929 Royal blue and gold
Barkercollege.jpg Barker College Hornsby 2300 1890 Anglican Boys only to Yr 9
Co-ed Year 10 to 12
Day & boarding 1929 Red & blue
Cranbrookschool.jpg Cranbrook School Bellevue Hill 1369 1918 Anglican Boys Day & boarding 1929 Red, white & blue
Knoxgrammar.jpg Knox Grammar School Wahroonga 2500 1924 Uniting Church Boys Day & boarding 1929 Black & blue
Trinitygrammarcrest.jpg Trinity Grammar School Summer Hill 2000 1913 Anglican Boys Day & boarding 1929 Green and white
Waverleycollege.jpg Waverley College Waverley 1430 1903 Catholic Boys Day 1944 Royal blue and gold

Competitive events[edit]


Year Athletics Cricket Swimming Rugby Debating Football Drill Military skills Cross country Basketball
1929 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1930 Cranbrook Barkercollege.jpgBarker Cranbrook
1931 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Cranbrook
1932 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1933 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius'
1934 Cranbrook Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1935 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1936 Cranbrook Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1937 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1938 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1939 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1940 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1941 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1942 Cranbrook Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1943 Cranbrook Cranbrook Cranbrook
1944 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1945 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Cranbrook Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1946 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1947 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1948 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1949 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Cranbrook Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1950 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1951 Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1952 Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1953 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1954 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1955 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1956 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1957 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1958 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1959 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1960 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Cranbrook
1961 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1962 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1963 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1964 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1965 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1966 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1967 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1968 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1969 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
1970 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1971 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1972 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius'
1973 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
1974 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1975 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1976 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1977 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1978 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius'
1979 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1980 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1981 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1982 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
1983 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley
1984 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
1985 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1986 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1987 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
1988 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1989 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1990 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1991 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
1992 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1993 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1994 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Cranbrook Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1995 Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1996 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1997 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1998 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Cranbrook Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
1999 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius'
2000 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
2001 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius'
2002 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2003 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2004 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2005 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker
2006 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
2007 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
2008 Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker
2009 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2010 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius'
2011 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker
Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius'
Barkercollege.jpgBarker Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2012 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2013 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Barkercollege.jpgBarker | Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Barkercollege.jpgBarker Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Barkercollege.jpgBarker Cranbrook Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2014 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Cranbrook Barkercollege.jpgBarker Staloysiussydney.jpgSt Aloysius' Knoxgrammar.jpgKnox Cranbrook
2015 Barkercollege.jpgBarker Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity
2016 Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity Waverleycollege.jpgWaverley Trinitygrammarcrest.jpgTrinity

Trophies awarded[edit]


The The Henry Plume Shield, named after the founder of Barker, is awarded to the winners of the 1st XV competition.


The Archer Shield, named after one of Knox's founders and benefactors, Andrew Reid.


The Thyne Challenge Shield is awarded to the winner of the CAS Swimming Championships. "Thyne" was the maiden name of the wife of Andrew Reid, after whom the athletics trophy is named.


The Associated Schools of NSW Basketball Shield is awarded to the winner of the 1st V basketball competition.

Football (soccer)[edit]

The Thomas Grimson OAM Cup is awarded to the winner of the 1st XI soccer competition. It is named after Thomas Grismon, a life member of the Australian and NSW Soccer Federation.


The CAS Tennis Trophy is awarded to the winner of the 1st IV summer tennis competition. The CAS Winter Trophy is awarded to the winner of the 1st IV winter tennis competition.


The CAS Drill Trophy is awarded to the winner of the CAS Cadet Drill Competition. The competition was started in 2002 and includes the Cadet Units from all the schools except Cranbrook and St. Aloysius.


The CAS Debating Cup was first awarded in 1991.

Cross country[edit]

The winner of the Opens team event at the CAS Cross Country Championships is awarded the CAS Cross Country Shield. It was first awarded in 1993.[1]

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