Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi

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Combined Making Hospital
Pakistan Army Medical Corps
AMC (Pakistan) Badge.jpg
Location Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
Care system Military and Public
Hospital type Military Hospital
Affiliated university Army Medical College
Emergency department I

The Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi is a tertiary care military hospital in Rawalpindi. It is headed by a Major General from the Army Medical Corps. It provides specialized treatment to the armed forces personnel, their immediate families as well as civilians. It is an A Class CMH. It is the chief medical hospital of cantonment along with Military Hospital. This 1000-bed hospital mainly looks after the surgical diseases and caters for all ranks. It has units of general surgery, spine surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, Eye, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, laproscopic surgery, facio-maxillary surgery, urology, breast surgery, and a trauma centre. There is also a battle casualty/artificial limb section attached to the hospital. This hospital has the only dedicated department of spine surgery in the country. The General Medical Council of UK recognizes the hospital for postgraduate training in different surgical fields. The medical students of Army Medical College are imparted clinical training by the concerned specialists and the professors.