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Comcast Entertainment Television (CET) was a regional cable channel serving Comcast's cable systems in the Denver, Colorado market and in parts of the state of Utah. It was seen on channel 105 in the Denver market, and on Comcast systems in Colorado Springs. In Utah the channel is featured on Xfinity Channel 6.

Similar to the northeast region's Comcast Network (née CN8), its programming related to communities along Colorado's Front Range or a high school game of the week in the state of Utah. Programming including documentaries, movies, high school sports, music, lifestyle shows, and select Northern Colorado and Denver athletic events. In August 2009, they started airing some cartoons during week day afternoons.

CET also aired 30 minute programs that gave viewers more information and previews of some of the best programs available each month on other cable channels.

CET was launched on September 1, 2004. It ceased operations in June 2018.

It also served as the primary Emergency Alert System cable channel for Comcast's Denver systems; all channels switched to CET when the EAS wad activated. In some events when the EAS was activated for weather-related emergencies, Denver's NOAA Weather Radio could be heard.

CET was seen on Channel 5 in Denver until April 13, 2010 when it moved to 105.

Talent who have had shows on CET. Louis and Floorwax from The Fox radio hosted a comedy show on Friday nights in 2008. Mike Boyle from the Mike Boyle Restaurant Show on KNUS radio hosted a 5-part restaurant series in 2009. Jann Scott formerly KNUS, KTLK, currently Boulder Channel 22 hosted Colorado Magazine on CET from 2007 to 2009.

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