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Comco Boeing 757-200 CBR Gilbert-1.jpg
Fleet size2
HeadquartersHelena, Montana

Comco is the de facto name of an American company operating two Boeing 757 aircraft. One aircraft is painted completely white with the word Comco appearing on the tail while the other is mostly white, with no visible markings on the outside aside from a paint design on the tail and parts of the fuselage. Little is known about the exact nature of their operation, but they are believed to operate on behalf of the United States Department of Defense. Some sources, including the FAA registry, list defense contractor L-3 Communications (or more specifically L-3 Capital LLC) as the owner of the aircraft.[1][2][3]

Incidents and accidents[edit]

In 2003, one of the Comco aircraft was forced to land after being intercepted by aircraft from the Indian Air Force, after it had strayed into Indian airspace by mistake on a flight from Karachi to Malé.[4]


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