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Comco Ikarus GmbH
Founded July 1970, Aidlingen Germany
Founder Horst Heid and Rolf Lieb
Headquarters Hohentengen, Germany
Products Light aircraft
New C42 C of Comco Ikarus, Germany
Ikarus C-42

Comco Ikarus GmbH is a German aircraft manufacturer. The company produced hang gliders through the late 1970s, followed by ultralight aircraft, FRS brand ballistic parachutes and light aircraft.[1][2][3]


Summary of aircraft built by Comco Ikarus
Model name First flight Number built Type
Ikarus 500 1976 2000 Hang glider
Ikarus Sherpa 1982 Ultralight aircraft
Ikarus C22 1987 Ultralight aircraft
Ikarus C42 1996 1200+ Light aircraft
Ikarus C52 2011 Light aircraft


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