Começar de Novo

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Começar de Novo
Comenzar de Nuevo
Genre Telenovela
Created by Antônio Calmon
Elizabeth Jhin
Directed by Marcos Paulo
Starring Marcos Paulo
Natália do Vale
Eva Wilma
Giselle Itié
Vladimir Brichta
Luíza Tomé
Antonio Calloni
Lília Cabral
Cássio Gabus Mendes
Paloma Duarte
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 196
Running time 50 minutes
Original network Rede Globo
Original release August 30, 2004 – April 16, 2005
Preceded by Da Cor do Pecado
Followed by A Lua Me Disse
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Começar de Novo is a Brazilian telenovela produced by Rede Globo and displayed in its traditional schedule of 19 hours between 30 August 2004 and April 16, 2005.

Presented Natália do Vale, Marcos Paulo, Eva Wilma, Werner Schünemann, Carlos Vereza, Giselle Itié, Vladimir Brichta, Carolina Ferraz and Marília Pêra in the lead roles.


First Phase[edit]

With the background to the oil industry, the central plot of the soap opera revolves around the love between Archangel Michael and Leticia, which begins when they are still children and becomes a strong passion in adolescence. The girl's relatives - especially his mother, Lucretia Borgia - are against the union, because they belong to a wealthy family and traditional, refusing to marry a poor Leticia, who thinks the opposite of the family, and like people for who they are and not for what he has, but his mother only thinks about money and appearances.

Totally in love, married just 17 attempts to escape and Lucrezia discovers that his daughter went away and decided to save the future of her marriage without resources, thinking she will be unhappy, hires a thug to kill Miguel, the chasing and he is shot in the head, to the despair of Leticia, the force that is carried back to his house for wrongs suffered much from the mother. Michael ends up being between life and death. The boy, then, is presumed dead, since most had no vital signs and his body is released to the morgue, but he wakes up and his friend who was the burial takes you to a distant hospital and he recovers from injury, but is out of memory. He is terrified, not knowing anything about his past and only have a few memories.

To protect him, because he knew it was an attempt on his life, Ivan Mishkin, a family friend takes him to Moscow, capital of the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, Leticia discovers that his great love died, going into deep depression and despair. To make matters worse Miguel discovers she is pregnant. His mother finds out and is horrified. Thinking more on money that the family will accumulate and a little to save the daughter of a single mother, Leticia condemned to a marriage with Anselmo, a millionaire oil industry. Trapped, destroyed from within and without hope, for Michael is dead, she marries and says to her husband who married pregnant, into thinking that the child is his, at the behest of his mother, to his misfortune.

Time passes and do not remember your past, create a new name - Andrei Ivanovitch. Miguel becomes a successful businessman in Russia and along with your friend opens a large company.

Second Phase[edit]

Thirty years later, after numerous treatments and drugs, he finally reclaims memory and decides to return to Brazil with his master and teacher Dimitri nicolaevich to unravel the mysteries of his life, as it has not regained his memory. The only thing he remembered all these years was a girl who kissed him, but not the name he knew and lived always in search of it. He tries to rediscover this woman be his great love, which is Leticia. But she's married to Anselmo, his best friend in youth, which makes it totally devastated and confused and Leticia is thrilled to learn that the man still lives his life.

Michael, then, to try to forget it, get involved with the young Julia. Meanwhile, his enemies and Ademar Lucrezia Borgia, the corrupt mayor of the city, it is suspected that the young man thought to be dead for thirty years. And they do not know that Michael is planning revenge against them. And Michael does not know who is the nephew of Elvis Mad, married to a radio friendly "Natureba" stoned Janis, a hilarious lady, but the one that faces an equal powerful Lucrezia Borgia.

So time passes and Leticia and Miguel join again in a revenge, despotism to fight against everything and everyone to live that love and prove to everyone that you can spend whatever time is because when true love lasts forever!


Actor Character
Marcos Paulo Miguel Arcanjo Karamazov (Andrei Ivanovitch)
Natália do Vale Letícia Borges
Giselle Itié Júlia Magnani Moreno
Eva Wilma Lucrécia Borges
Marília Pêra Janis Doidona (Marlene Emilinha Silveira)
Werner Schünemann Anselmo Pessoa
Carolina Ferraz Gigi (Gisela Manhães)
Carlos Vereza Ademar Nóbrega
Vladimir Brichta Pedro Borges
Antonio Calloni Olavinho (Olavo Bilac Borges)
Luíza Tomé Lúcia Borges
Lília Cabral Aída
Cássio Gabus Mendes Sid (Sidarta Gautama Silveira)
Paloma Duarte Carmem Nóbrega
Luis Gustavo Elvis Doidão (Glauco Silveira)
Antônio Abujamra Dimitri Nicolaievitch
Solange Couto Joana Pimenta
Antônio Pedro Dr. Pimenta
Cássia Linhares Maria Rocha
Roberta Gualda Linda Flor de Linhares
Eduardo Galvão Arthur Rios (Paulo)
Stephany Brito Dandara Gautama Silveira
Kayky Brito Betinho Gautama Silveira
Marina Ruy Barbosa Aninha
Tarcísio Filho Estêvão Cidreira
Lúcia Alves Ítala Magnani
Bruno Garcia Tiago Dinis
Betty Gofman Anita Estrela
Erik Marmo Carlos Moreno
Bel Kutner Marilyn Monteiro (Rita)
Thalma de Freitas Elvira
Maurício Gonçalves Jairo
Carolyna Aguiar Isadora
Guilherme Piva Márcio Estrela
Fernanda Machado Sonya Karamazov
Tony Tornado Xavier
Manuela do Monte Branca das Neves
Gustavo Mello Moacir
Eduardo Pires Abel Borges
Felipe Folgosi Rico
Nívea Helen Margarida
Max Fercondini Murilo
Rosane Gofman Rosário
Maria Clara Mattos Simone
Carmo Dalla Vecchia Tenório
Dalton Vigh Johnny
Luma Costa Marcianita Estrela
Juliana Lohmann Teca Borges
Pedro Malta Pepê Gautama Silveira
Guilherme Bernard Lucas
Ramon Francisco Dudu
Bruno Pereira Mário
Rafael Ciani Kiko Borges

Supporting cast[edit]

Actor Character
Isabel Fillardis Eurídice
Deborah Evelyn Dora
Daniel Dantas Wagner
Odilon Wagner Péricles
Virgínia Cavendish Virgínia
Gláucio Gomes Delfino
Elaine Mickely Tânia Mimosa
Emiliano Queiroz Ivan Mishkin
Milton Gonçalves Lázaro
Oswaldo Loureiro Albert
Paula Franco Anna Karamazoff
Celso Frateschi Mikail Karamazoff
Lauro Góes Romualdo Cidreira
Cristina Pereira Lavínia Teodora
Rogério Fróes Eurípedes
Suzana Faini juíza
Deyse Braga Mônica
Marco Miranda Mateus
Érika Evantini Teresa
Bruna di Túllio Roseclair
Olívia Torres Marcinha
Jaime Leibovitch Leon
Kiko Mascarenhas Sandro
Thiago Rodrigues Miguel Arcanjo (young)
Camila dos Anjos Letícia (young)
Leona Cavalli Lucrécia Borges (young)
Edward Boggis Anselmo (young)
Wagner Santisteban Olavinho (young)
Sarah Maciel Leticia (child)
Mariah da Penha Neuza
William Vita henchman of Lucrécia Borges
Rogério Barros Jorge
Victor Cugula Miguel Arcanjo (child)

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