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Come (1 album - cover art - front).jpg
Studio album by 1
Released 1972
Recorded 1972 at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco and Paul Kantner & Grace Slick's House, Bolinas
Genre Psychedelic rock
Length 36:24
Label Grunt/RCA
Producer Reality
Linda J. Friedman (Asst.)
Pat Ieraci (Consultant)
Marc Granat (Consultant)
Alternative cover
Album Title on Back Side

Come is 1's only album. The band had been signed by Paul Kantner to Grunt Records.[1] Pat Ieraci was assigned to help produce the album, and encountered the lead singer, named Reality D. Blipcrotch, demanding such things as a marijuana leaf popping out of the record, and the record self-destructing at the end of side B.[1]

The keyboardist of the band, Roger Crissinger, had previously played with Pearls Before Swine. The drummer, Mark Baker, would later drum with Ministry on the album Houses of the Molé.

Track listing[edit]

  • Side A
  1. "1 of a Kind" (Granat, Blipcrotch) – 4:29
  2. "II Car Raga" (Granat, Crissinger, Fee, Blipcrotch) – 8:38
  3. "Free Rain" (Blipcrotch) – 5:12
  • Side B
  1. "3 Songs" (Fee, Granat, Blipcrotch) – 10:09
  2. "Old Englishhh" (Granat, Blipcrotch) – 7:56


Additional Personnel[edit]

  • Signe Coleman, Robert Ellison, Beta Fite, David Friedman, Hilary Friedman, Linda Friedman, Dana (now Nada Gordon), Lisa Kleinberg, Ian McIntre, Norman Miller, Brian Plymale, Matthew Rissman – Wordless Singing Class


  • Arranged by 1
  • Engineered by Ken Hopkins at Wally Heider's
  • Assisted by Valerie Clausen, Mike Denecky, Don Gooch, Rick Stanley
  • Live Raga engineered by Ray Thompson at Paul & Grace's
  • Mixed by Ken Hopkins, Steve Barncard
  • Assisted by Rick Stanley, Valerie Clausen
  • Equipment: Jeff Coleman, Sandy Doss, Don Weirs, Music City, San Francisco
  • Mastering: Bruce Leek, United Sound
  • Album Concept: Ben & Iris Willey Art
  • Album Design: Pacific Eye & Ear
  • Photography: Chit Ran, Alvan Meyerowitz, Robert Ellison, Laurie Paul
  • Production Consultant: Pat Ieraci (Maurice) and Marc Granat
  • Assistant Producer: Linda J. Friedman
  • Produced by Reality


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