Come (UK band)

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Origin United Kingdom
Genres Industrial, experimental, noise
Years active 1979-1980, 1981
Labels Come Organisation
Associated acts Whitehouse, Foetus
Past members William Bennett
Daniel Miller
Peter McKay
J.G. Thirlwell

Come was a British noise project which was founded in 1979 by William Bennett. In the short time of its existence it had such prominent members as Daniel Miller and J. G. Thirlwell. Bennett would later end the project in 1980 in favor for his then newly formed power electronics project Whitehouse, however a second studio album under the Come moniker was released in 1981 titled I'm Jack. [1] The independent record label Come Organisation was created as a result of the lack of interest other labels showed in the group's recordings. They never performed live.

While all of their material is largely out-of-print, most of their Rampton LP can be found on the Susan Lawly double disc compilation Anthology 1 Come Organisation Archives 1979-1980, and the entirety of I'm Jack is included on Anthology 2 Come Organisation Archives 2 1981-1982.[2][3]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Rampton (1979)
  • I'm Jack (1981)


  • Come/Shaved Slits (1979)

Compilation appearances[edit]

Album Track(s) Label Year
The Second Coming "In Country" Come Organisation 1982
Anthology 1: Come Organisation Archives 1979-1980 "Come Sunday", "The Trenches", "Sex", "Rampton 1", "Rampton 2", "Shaved Slits 2", "In Country" Susan Lawly 1998
Anthology 2: Come Organisation Archives 1981-1982 "President Your Prick's Stiff", "By God's Very Own Fuck" Susan Lawly 2001

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