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Come As You Are Co-operative

Come As You Are is a sex-positive sex shop located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1997 by Cory Silverberg as a worker-owner co-operative in the model of Good Vibrations, Come As You Are has an educational and community-based mandate, and provides a fully accessible store and workshop environment.[1] Come As You Are is known for providing a safe and comfortable environment where people can access sex information and products, as well as their work making sex toys more accessible for people with disabilities.[2]

Come As You Are is currently the only co-operatively owned sex shop in the world,[3] and holds the distinction of consistently being voted Toronto's best sex shop by the readers of Now Toronto.[4]


Come As You Are offers sex education, health, and pleasure workshops by Midori, Ducky DooLittle, Kate Bornstein, Susie Bright and other notable sex-positive authors and educators.[5]

The co-op also provides education outreach workshops to local community groups and universities. In 2013, Come As You Are won The Co-operators' National Co-op Challenge with a proposal to bring their educational outreach to communities across Canada.[6]


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