Come Back to Sorrento

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Come Back to Sorrento
Author Dawn Powell
Country United States
Publication date
OCLC 37300789

Come Back to Sorrento is a novel written by Dawn Powell. Against Powell’s wishes,[citation needed] the publisher changed its title to The Tenth Moon when it was first published in 1932.

A film version, also called Come Back to Sorrento, is in development.[1] The adaptation, written by playwright David Mamet and actress Rebecca Pidgeon, is to be directed by Michael Worth.

Publication history[edit]

  • 1932: The Tenth Moon. New York, NY: Farrar & Rinehart.
  • 1997: Come Back to Sorrento. Royalton, Vermont: Steerforth Press.
  • 2000: Come Back to Sorrento. London, UK: Turnaround.
  • 2001: Dawn Powell: Novels 1930–1942. New York: The Library of America. ISBN 1-931082-01-4.